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having anxieties

hey guys ever since my weight has been going up and down (literally) i would lose the weight then gain it back after a year or so then stay at that for some time then i lose the weight again, i really can't maintain my weight and i'm really tired of struggling. Just last year i had anorexia nervosa(due to excessive exercise) now i'm all well but i'm starting to pack the weight again (from 120 to 143 and counting, the right weight for my height is 132). i'm starting to have anxities because i really want to maintain my weight i would have a hard choosing what healthy food to eat, when to eat and when i'm suppose to eat. my mind is fully occupied about these things which would sometimes make me eat more. and i'm already TIRED OF IT i want to be NORMAL again. its just now that i'm having these type of problems i never had this before. i can't open up this problem to my parents they might think that i'm overreacting and they might get mad at me

i really need motivation and support for me to go back to the right track

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it might be worth discussing this with your doctor as they might be able to refer you to someone who can help perhaps? hope you find the support you need. x
it is hard to open up to your parents but do you need to. Can you not access confidential medical help? I know its good to have the support of parents and family but I kept my eating issues hidden for years and only recently opened up to a few friends after suffering with it for about 13 years. My mum still does not know and hope she never needs to. We are all different in relation to who we turn to for support. There are lots of helplines or ask your doctor for help. I hope you find a way to deal with it that works for you. x


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What about trying a sw or ww diet. As you loose the weight you also learn what foods you can eat in larger quantities and those that are treats.
I understand where you are coming from as we have lost the 'how much to eat to stay slim and healthy', that is why we are here.
Take it from somebody that was in your shoes, doing the same things, weight up and down at your age. I didn't tell my parents the half of it!
But now in early 30's, I still have the same problems because I never really got it sorted. If you could train yourself in healthy eating now, it will save you many years of yo yo'ing later.
I bet if you asked your mum if you could start ww or sw, they would be pleased you are going about loosing a few lbs the right way. They are very good classes and not at all scary.

Very best of luck.

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