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having just soups?


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I've been having mostly soups (apart from 3 tetras) throughout these past two weeks until CDC gets her order through this week.

I gained a lb last week after having soups all day and I'm wondering if its due to the salt causing water retention?

I've got soups again this week and worried that it will happen again at my next WI, Is there anything I can do to prevent it? I'm making sure I'm drinking the correct amount of water

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It seems a pity you have had to get just soups. Surprised you are having to wait for a variety. When I did Cambridge my counsellor always had everything in stock.

If this is going to be a pattern is it worth thinking of changing counsellors?

Irene xx


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well..she said its really quiet at the moment for her so I should imagine thats why she has little stock, and maybe some people do it for a couple of weeks then give up.

I'm only on my 3rd week :) I don't really want to change as she's lovely
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Tbf, I don`t think it`s really fair of her to not want to order more products in because she is having a quiet time. Especially when having soups only is obviously having an impact on your WL.

I think I would be a bit miffed if it were me.

My CDC didn`t have the mix a mousse, But when I mentioned it she ordered some in. (am avoiding it for a bit longer mind you as we decided it may hinder my WL like the bars seem to).

I don`t know the answer to your question, Sorry.

Good luck for this week, Hopefully you`ll see a bigger loss this time. Also have you measured yourself? Maybe you`re losing inches?



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I have gone down to a size 16 in dresses :) really pleased about that, I should be ok from next week because the order will of arrived by then :)
It's a shame about only having the soups especially in this weather. The variety is what keeps me able to do this. Hopefully she will get some more choice for you soon.


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I'm ok with having them for lunch and dinner... just can't really face them for breakfast
I'm not surprised...didn't she have any porridge either?

I get all the varieties and split them so I have 6 a day. It really helps honestly:):)
I dont know about the weight gain being anything to do with the soups ..sometimes you just retain water hormonally or its really warm ot something. Hopefully this week your WI will be a better one.

good luck.
Yay for new dress size! :D Xx
Hiyas I agree with Beinggood, because it's so hot i expect our bodies are desperately trying to keep hold of any water! Personally I love the soups, I have chopped fresh basil in the spicy tomato, chopped fresh coriander in the oriental chilli and chopped fresh parsley in the chicken and mushroom. I have a vanilla shake split into 4 and added to coffee throughout the day (tastes just like a creamy latte, honestly!) I've only just recently started having the shakes as it's been so hot, if you add tons of ice and whizz it up it turns out like a slush puppy lol. When I stick to it to the letter I still lose weight if I have just soups, but hopefully she'll have more of a selection for you soon. Keep going hun and best wishes! x


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Thankyou :) I do plan on keeping going, I found the first week easy, so once I have more of a selection i'll be fine with it :) I don't mind the soups,, just not all the time lol

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