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Discussion in 'Exante' started by shrug-it-off, 19 April 2011 Social URL.

  1. shrug-it-off

    shrug-it-off Member

    Awful stressful day at work and have come home and started bingeing and am going out for something to eat and a few drinks.

    will check back in the morning and try and make effort to get back on the wagon

    absolutley rubbish day :(
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  3. Divster

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    You had a stressful, and ATE thats all! Enjoy your evening and chill out and back to it tomorrow :)
  4. cybill

    cybill Gold Member

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    Sorry to hear you're having a rough day. Try and draw a line at the end of the day and good luck getting on track tomorrow. I'm in the middle of drawing my own line at the moment having gone off on a chocolate moment earlier.
  5. Chunky Madwife

    Chunky Madwife Full Member

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    It's not the end of the world, I had three days off last week after a dreadful day. The main thing is that you are still here, telling us about it! You are totally not alone.

    You can get back on track again, when you are ready. After my three days, I got back on it again, and you will do the same.

    Not the end of the world xxx
  6. shrug-it-off

    shrug-it-off Member

    Hey Guys

    well the binge went as far as

    3 chocolate digestives
    3 slices turkey
    3 chunks of chocolate
    1 cup of milky tea
    1 packet wine gums
    2 packets of crisps
    still not satisfied so went out for
    2 pints of kroneberg lager
    1 ranch burger with bacon and chees and chips which i simply couldnt eat- i managed half the burger and about 5 chips with bbq sauce and then a third of the top of the bread bun.

    so i suppose i have to draw a line now- emotional eating is it called?

    and the incentive to gte back on it? well obviously there is the weight gain grrrrrrrrrrrrrr and the way i felt this morning!!!!

    absoultely awful- a beer hangover and a junk food hangover.

    not nice at all- my mate drove the kids to playscheme for me as i was feeling too rough!

    so ive ran round the park a couple of times and am off to work this afternoon.

    just hoping i dont get the hunger/headache too badly!
  7. Sage-femme

    Sage-femme Silver Member

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    Sorry to hear that shrug, hope you feel better soon.

    What you ate wasn't so bad I used to eat that much for an average lunch!! Haha

    Good luck for this week hun xx

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  8. DustQueen

    DustQueen Gold Member

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    These things happen well done on getting back on it today :) You are doing better than me I came off the wagon of Friday and have only just got back on today :)
    Well done and sorry you had such a cr*p day :(
  9. Divalicious

    Divalicious Silver Member

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    Kids are off school so for me and for mums out there it's a thin line between sanity and losing it, no surprises that you reached for food it could be worse lol. If it was me I would have had more?. Draw a line start again and you know you'll be fine as it's out of your system now! Hugs?

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  10. shrug-it-off

    shrug-it-off Member

    thanks ladies- yeah ive had a manic day at work today which has passed the time quickly. BUT weigh in on Friday and i think ive probably sabotaged it with the pig out.

    i have to get back to listening to the hypno cd i think which will help me when i want to eat food after feeling stressy.

    gosh i really enjoy a beer BUT the lousy way i felt this morning- yak dont want THAT again!
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