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Extra Easy Having trouble....


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Hi,could someone please help me.....I am at the end of my tether but I don't want to give up. I started with slimming world on the 12/6/2012 over time I lost 10lb's but for the last month and a half I haven't lost anything and have slowly put back on the lb's I have lost.Well,you may be thinking that I am obviously not doing it 100%...That is not the case,I am doing it as I should,that's why I am very upset and can't understand why.Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do as I need to loose all that I have put on...I am desperate and very sad!!!Please help....
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thvs - bless you, it is disheartening but Lolacola's suggestion of posting a diary might do you the world of good. With not knowing your starting weight /height etc, it's tricky to say but you did really well losing the 10lbs so you know it's possible. .Is there any way you got a teensy bit complacent and perhaps started eating a few too many syns or perhaps not enough superfree? .Posting a diary will allow Mims to help by offering suggestions and all you probably need is a loss in the next week or so to really give you back your impetus & send your enthusiasm soaring again.

What about Lolacola as some positive inspiration - she looks fabulous. . . . . and you can too (if you don't already that is - we can be our own worst critic)


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Thank you Lolacola and minimunchkins for your reply...Lolacola,well done and you look fantastic...Well you asked if I wrote a food diary,I did in the very beginning for the first 4 weeks and then I stopped.Maybe I need to go back to writing a food diary..Karen my slimming world consultant gave me some SAS sheets to fill in this week which I have been doing and I can't see me doing anything wrong there,unless it is because I am conscious of what I am eating because I am writing down every thing I eat..Ok Lolacola a normal day of eating,I will tell you what I had today...Breakfast,grilled tomato,baked beans,scrambled egg cooked in fry light,and some bacon no fat at all...Nothing in between,lunch:Grilled homemade chicken burgers in which I used up my healthy exra B being the 60g of wholemeal bread instead of using breadcrumbs to combine the chicken mince and bind together,some bulgar wheat,and some veg,broccoli,courgettes,carrots and some cauliflower..Later on during the day I had a cup of tea,milk from allowance and a Hi fi bar 3 syns and 2 chocolate fingers another 3 syns..Dinner:Tonight was the same as lunch as I had left overs....And just now made up my dessert of natural yoghurt,sliced banana,a touch of vanilla essence and crushed 3 morning coffee biscuits on top another 3 syns.....And that's it....I have a wigh in on Tuesday so I will let you know how I did...