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(",) Hayley's diary, TTFN!


Needs a kick
So after switching from SF and having a great first week on WW It's gone downhill :( Husband has had a week off and we have eaten for england, Trouble is he can eat until it comes out of his ears and not gain a pound :mad:
Woke up this morning and decided enough is enough I have gained my loss and more :cry:So today I start afresh and thought can you all give me a virtual kick up the bum it would get me moving again.

I love ww and really feel it's the way forward, so wish me luck :eek:
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Hiya Chucks!!
Hiya the mood im in i will gladly love to kick [email protected] (but only OH'S)hee hee.:copon:

Aww good luck with WW im sure you will get on track draw a line over last week.
Start afresh TODAY.;)
We have all been there hun.
Onwards+Downwards from here....


Needs a kick
Thank you Fuzzy, I'm looking forward to the coming week and getting back to it. It's surprising how naf I feel eating junk!
come on Hayley, you can do it. You just have to remember that we arent meant to match these men in their eating habits - i have that problem with my boyfriend - at 6ft 4, he could eat 4 adult meals and only be full to his knees.. and although he's not a twig, he certainly looks it!

good luck getting back on track :) x


Still fighting
Tracey gets out her Oh's size 9's and kicks til she can kick no more!!

come on girl u can do it ....pointing and tracking, starving but oh so slim ;o)
ok you asked for it!! seriously tho, you wont find a single person on here who hasnt had a week like that!! so dont be hard on yourself, it probably feels worse but you're still new at it anyway and just want to keep up the success you started with. but guess what you can !!
a fresh start is just what is called ofr so good luck!!


Needs a kick
Didn't think i'd ever be thanking people for kicking me, Thank you! I'm sooo pleased I posted and didn't jack it in. Thanks guys x
Stick with it (sore ar*e or not!!) LOL!!



Silver Member
I can see that all that kicking helped and you know completely ww orientated!:)
Maybe it is good idea to plan your menu for whole week today. I found this helps me to stay focused and avoid extra food to sneak in too often.
Goo luck for coming week :)


Has the power of the horn
Cant believe I am too late for a good kick up the ass! how annoying!:) glad you're back on track tho! :)
No surely not too late to join in the kick up the arse action, although I love administering a good whipping myself but either works for me.

Glad you're getting back on track

No surely not too late to join in the kick up the arse action, although I love administering a good whipping myself but either works for me.

Glad you're getting back on track

M - ever thought of posting your "services" in phone boxes - I reckon there would be a demand for that kind of dominatrix service round your way :p

Hayley, sounds like you don't need any more kicks....glad to see you are back on track. Keep going. xx


Needs a kick
trying hard to stick with it, I don't fancy another sore butt LOL. I'm sure there is something on here somewhere but I'll ask anyway, Has anyone tried the Wendy plan? not sure I completly understand how it works? any advice would be fab :O)
I have done the wendy plan. basically you vary the number of points you have each day but over the week it balances out. it includes a high day (points plus 10 !!) but you must have this at least 4 days before weigh in. I've got the proper weekly breakdown somewhere-will have a look later.
Basically you can use it to kick start you metabolism or for a special occassion- using you high points day!

it did work for me when i did it


Needs a kick
Thank you. I'm back with it, well i'll never be with it lol. But on track. Lost 3ib last week so can't complain! May try the wendie plan, it sounds interesting. Also going to change this thread into my diary, wish me luck! :O)


Needs a kick
good start don't know how to change the title, could anyone help pls x
I think you just need to double click the tick to the right of your title in the main screen (where you see everyones thread). If you click your tick it will allow you to change it. I don't know if that makes sense though lol!



Needs a kick
thanks again lea, did it whoop whoop!


Silver Member
I was looking at Wendie plan few weeks ago but never got my head around it. If you decide to use it let me know. I will be interested to see the results and does it makes counting points any easier. Good luck for this week:) x

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