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It does pass and your doing all you can do. Once you are in ketosis it will get much better. Stick with it, it's worth it come weigh in day.


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It absolutely will pass, just stick with it, you'll get there!


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Thank you all. I am struggling to drink more than 2.5 litres of water so I will have to make an effort to up that and hope it helps. I am soooo grumpy though!


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Hi Hun,

Sorry to hear you are having the dreaded headaches we all hate. They really are horrible aren't they?
Other than what you are doing (extra water and paracetamol) the only other thing I can suggest is sleep. After a few early nights, ketosis will kick in and you'll certainly feel on top of the world!!

Hope you're better soon hun x x x
Hang in there, at least it is one of the signals of ketosis which is a positive thing!! I use ibuprofen which gets rid of the headaches so if paracetamol is not working well and Ibupfoen is OK for you you may want to give it s try. Weigh in will make it worth it!!


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Oo thanks.. will try the ibuprofen. I have a terrible habit of clenching my jaw so that is probably not helping.

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