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I will succeed!!!
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Yes!!! I also get a bad tummy ache. Shows what cr*p is in 'nice' treats sometimes eh!?!

I feel rotten today cause I've been AWOL from SW a lot this week. Know I'll get a gain tomorrow and know I deserve it. And the thing was - it wasn't even worth it! I know what happens when I cheat - I swear Pavlov's dogs learnt faster! Hehe xx


Slow but sure....
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Yes, I found that out too....

I take medication for high BP, so when my head started to bang at times when I first started the SW diet, I took no notice of it....

But, now I have noticed that a 'suger rush' does cause it, I had quite a lot of dolly mixtures last night, I had the syns to cover them so I just kept nibbling on.

And I have had a 'muzzy' head all day today, I usually keep away from sweet's and sugary things, but I just couldn't resist these dolly mixtures (2nd childhood) so it is my own fault. X


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Oh for sure. I have a liquorice allsorts fetish and when I eat lots of these I always have a headache afterwards. Also if I go to a kids party and eat crisps, white bread and cakes/biscuits I gt a headache.

I'm certain its the sugars in this processed food as most of the other stuff I eat is fresh.

Doesn't stop me with my liquorice allsorts though, my downfall!


I will succeed!!!
S: 13st3lb C: 12st8.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 0st8.5lb(4.59%)
P.S I have a cracking spot too - I only get spots when been eating garbage. Ick.


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Thats so strange i had a massive chocolate feast yesterday and my head is totally killing me today! Just put it down to being a Monday morning but thinking back i do get headaches after being naughty. x
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Jaylou, stop it.....I love liquo's and was addicted to them for years, had to be Berttie ones though nothing else was the same.

Think we sorted out the heads then ladies, sugar is a deffinate killer.

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