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I've been following SW for 8 days now, and since yesterday afternoon I've had a really nasty headache. I don't usually get headaches so was just wondering if it was linked to a change in diet and if so is there anything I can do to get rid of it. (Painkillers haven't touched it).

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Hi Tiggy,

have you changed the actual types of food you're eating to a large extent? The reason I ask is that a drop in blood sugar levels can cause headaches, and if you're not eating enough complex carbohydrates (potatoes, pasta, cereals etc), then this could be one cause. Not wanting to second guess what you were eating before you started SW, if you were eating lots of sugary foods before, you'll need to make sure you replace the sugar with complex carbs. Also, it's good to eat little and often to keep your sugars up.

I suffer with migraines if my blood sugars drop too low.

Always seek medical advice though, if you have a headache that lasts for longer than the norm for you! Hope you feel better soon. x


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Hi Foxy,
Thanks for your reply - it makes sense, I have got a really sweet tooth so I used to eat a lot of simple sugars.

I had a red day on Monday, so it makes sense that I've had a headache due to lack of carbs. I think I'll have to stick to green and EE days from now on!


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yeah dont worry i used to get headaches and get shaky and dizzy but i was eating less of the SW diet and now ive started eating a bit more on my plate of all more free foods including more potatoes and cous cous and rice and its really helped xxx


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Have you cut down the amount of tea/coffee/fizzy juice you are drinking? Cutting down the caffeine your having can cause stinking headaches!


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Hey just agreeing with other people, when you are used to eatting not only sweet things but also processed, when you cut it completly your body goes into withdrawl. I get them too and had it severly when did atkins. Keep your self hydrated as much as possible and it will hopefully get easier. Also not relating to the diet do you suffer from back or neck problems? it could just be your spine not being in line, that gives me terrible headaches!


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S: 12st13lb C: 12st5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 0st8lb(4.42%)
No I don't really drink much tea/coffee or fizzy drinks and I don't have any back/neck problems.

I've had a carb laden tea and I feel much better now :D Thanks for the advice!


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Hi Tiggy...can I ask how much water you are drinking during the day too??
You may also find not only the shift in diet, but if you arent drinking enough you are dehydrated...a good indicator is the colour of your urine. If its bright yellow/orange then get some more water in you, urine should be almost clear in colour.



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I'm really pleased to have found this thread, I was about to start a thread asking for advice re: headaches as they've been driving me mad since I started the diet a week ago. I shall try having a carb-heavy tea and see if it helps. Thanks everyone!


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I'm soooo glad I found this thread!! I have been feeling totally pants over the past few days, with a dull headache all the time that's been driving me crazy. I feel like I'm permanantly hungover without even going near alcohol, and have very little energy! Does anybody have any idea how long this 'detox' process might last? I was hoping to feel full of life, especially considering how well I am eating these days! :)


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The brain is essentially a sponge, if it gets dried out then it aches - So drink lots of water and it should subside.

I always have a look down the loo to check the colour of my pee - it's a good indication of whether you're drinking enough and keeping everything flushed through.