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I have been through carb withdrawel with my previous trial attempts at a TFR ;) but I dont normally get a headache until the end of the second/third day.

Bizarrely I have had a headache pretty much from the onset today and it seems to get worst when I have had the packs? :confused: Its probably just a headache, as I also have problems with my ear and jaw at moment, so not the diet at all, but was just wondering if anyone else had experienced it just in case?

Loving the diet though! :D
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6 full days of headaches that painkillers wouldn't touch. If it wasn't for this forum I would have given up! I have done lighterlife and didn't experience that. Thankfully day 7 was the end of them apart from a niggle when I didn't have enough water over the weekend.
Hmm OK, maybe I should cancel my work for the rest of this week! :eek:

Any ideas why it happens with exante and not the others? I have tried LL and CD and didnt have headaches too much - a little in day 3 but not like the one I have now!


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I think all my drinking may have held a headache off so far. Not hopeful for my third day though lol
I think I have had about 4litres of water already, lol! Had some redbush tea earlier as well as its one I can drink black, tastes lovely and doesnt have any caffeine in it!
I had headaches and had a 'hangover' feeling up to day 4 - but now I feel totally back to my old self and am finding it ok miraculously!!

Was at a sports event today (for work) and forgot to take some water with me, felt very dodgy. One of the girls asked if I wanted a drink getting from the vending machine and I asked for a bottle of water..
She came back with lucozade!!! Was gutted, so had to stand all day with no water or bar!! That has got me my headache back!!



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Oh no Sandy!! That's terrible!

This evening due to deciding to have my soup after development circle, I felt a little bit sick and light headed. I wasn't sure if it was the diet or the long meditation lol

But so far, no headache. But I have a well known brand of fast acting tablets near by just in case lol
Oh no Sandy!! Hope you feel better this morning!!

I have woken up with a raging headache - I have had it for about 20hours now!! grr...taken some soluble paracetemol (couldnt remember if the soluble ones were OK, but the only ingredient appears to be paracetemol so I thought I would risk it) which has eased it but its still there...another PJ day for me then!! :eek:

Mum thinks Im being lazy, but I am prepared to do anything to get this weight sorted once and for all, have too much depending on it!!


Are We There Yet?
I felt sick and dizzy this morning. But no headache so far. Grog seems to have cleared a bit. So I am ok:)

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