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Hi all

I did CD a few years ago and although felt a little rough in the first week, nothing bad really.

However, I have tried to restart a few times lately and I keep getting the most horrendous headache after a day or two - almost like a migraine. I have been taking paracetamol and nurofen alternatively and this helps a little, but the only thing that makes it go is if I eat some carbs:cry:. It's almost like I'm suffering cold turkey!!! I'm finding this really frustrating as it didn't happen before when I did it and to be honest I can't afford to feel so ill as I have two small kids to look after!

I'm drinking plenty of water - between 2.5 and 3 litres a day.

Help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Awwww hun.......have you spoken to your CDC about it see if you can work something out between you......hopefully there will be a plan where you will get by without the headaches


please try again
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have you done a prep week? slowly reducing the amount of carbs your eating before starting cd? this helps alot of folks, many cut down caffine at the same time as caffine withdrawal can cause headaches too
my first time on cd i didnt do prep infact i went carb mad beforehand and i did end up with a migrane, couldnt keep anything down at that stage but it did pass ( and i admit to being bad mummy, i spent the day on the sofa just hooking my daughter up to her feed pump as and when she needed but maybe easier for me, at least i knew she was going to be exactly where i left her when i opened my eyes and she was on a monitor so i would have known if there was a problem )
is there any friends/relatives/significant other who could take over the childrens care on day 2/3 so you can get thru it?

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Give yourself a head massage, find your pressure points. Then after press really hard between your big toe and the toe next to it (on both feet) and the pressure will ease. Need to hold there for a good while. Someone did this to me at the weekend and it really works...it was amazing. :)

Usually tho i'd have early nights and get to sleep to avoid those awful headaches. Speak to your CDC tho.

good luck x


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Thanks guys - think it's most probably carb withdrawal!! Trying to stick with it though, got to keep trying... x


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oh I hope that you feel better soon x

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