Healthy Extra Choices


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I really need your help guys....

I haven't lost much weight for about 6 weeks - keep STS which is very annoying. (Although much better than the gain I am expecting at WI tomorrow!!)

Consequently I am nearly at the point of giving up....

So I think I need to shake things up a bit. I only do green days so my basics need to same the same - pasta, rice, pots.

I would be really grateful for your best HE chocies - I only ever seem to have bread, alpen lights, milk & cheddar cheese.

I would like to know brands and quantites of any others people like so I have some new ideas ready for my weekly shop!

Thought this might help others with new ideas too...

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well i have the ryvita minis, can use as crackers or crisp snack, as HEX b.

oooh..can you have ryvita minis as HE?

Didn't know that... I always syn them

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Fruit 'n' Fibre or Mini Weetabix for brekkie? Stewed apple with mince is a HEb and makes a lovely pudding for winter! Easily done in the microwave too. Maybe pick up some dairylea/laughing cow to have as a spread instead of your cheddar some days? Meat or fish on a green day? Can add chicken etc to pasta sauce?


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I buy the standard sized Ryvitas (multi-grain variety is quite nice) as you can have a few of those as a HexB and spread them with Dairylea Light Triangles (HexA) for a snack. Sometimes I put thinly sliced apple on top too. It's really tasty.


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HEB choices:
2 weetabix
sachet of porridge (the 2 min version in microwave)
x 4 ryvita
x 2 alpen lights
packet of ryvita minis
x 3 pagen rolls
x 1 wholemeal roll
x 1 tin Baxters healthy minestone soup with pasta
dried apricots (I think 78g?? about 11 - need to check)
x 1 tin fruit cocktail in juice (check weight think you can have 378g)