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Green Days Healthy Extras..


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Okay, so I have tried doing red and green days for a change..think I might have messed up on the Healthy Extras.. I love my cheese so suddenly thought having the option of 2a's and 2b's was fab!..
...I have been having 42g of Reduced fat chedder cheese (1HEXA)
Another portion of 42g of reduced fat chedder (1HEXA) on something else and then one day on that same day I had a green HEXB portion or morzorella...

I have suddenly thought omg.. thats why I don't think I have lost any weight this week, dont weigh until Monday.. but just thought that because I was having so much cheese within these HEXs that it could effect it.

So I have reread my book cover to cover and in no where does it say you can't choose cheese or any other type of healthy extra more than once a day. Also looked through the website and it doesn't say it either.

Do any of you wise ones know the guidance on this?.. I think I remember years ago it used to say only choose once from each list but I cannot find any guidance of this type now!

Any help grately appreciated! x x
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Don't know if it is much help but if I am out I quite often have four HEs of cheese (usually because the places I go have never heard of low fat cheese) and it doesn't seem to affect me on those weeks.

Must say I haven't heard the only choose once thing, but that might just be me.
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No, I dont think you are prevented from having the same hex x2 in one day on red and green. When I do red days I often have 2 the same. You may just be having a slow loss week, but stop checking the scales and wait and see!!!!


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No it's fine to have more than one HE of the same food but I wouldn't recommend doing it too often after all variety is the name of the game.


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I have two HeA of cheese nearly every day. I have been known on special occassions and doing green to have 4 HE's of cheese. Never affected my losses as far as I'm aware (i used to do the 4HE cheese more often - but pulled it back to just special occassions as i was finding excuses to do it (I like cheese) and settling into bad habits doing so.

but it is perfectly acceptable to do it - just wouldn't recommend doing it every day.

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