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healthy extras?


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I normally have
Healthy extra a - milk for tea & maybe a couple of babybelles as a snack.
Healthy extra b - a slice of whole meal toast or 2 weetabix or maybe a few potatoes if i'm on a red day.
I don't always use them, just as i don't always use my syns but its reasurring to know they're there if i'm struggling (which isn't very often on this diet)
I always use my 2 b's and usually 1 a. I don't think they're optional though you know, you're supposed to have them as part of the diet in order to get your fibre and calcium. Agh, I don't know.


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Yes u r supp to have them as part of the diet. Like u I usually have them in the form of babybels.........im having 3 just now, cut up with pickled onions as a snack.
On red days I use them as potatoes /pasta/rice.


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its says 1 or 2 though in the book. so i figure as long as i have at least one a day from each section, then its ok.

i dont like babybels or much cheese, apart from cheese and onions toasties, but those are so moreish and i feel like i could eat 10 lol.


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I have found im using all milk from a or milk and laughing cow triangles and for b 2 weetabix or maybe even 4 weetabix or a couple slices of bread brown of course or a small jacket.

I find my B's easy to eat as I like porridge for breakkie with nuts/seeds and dry fruit, so find I could use more of the B's to be honest! For the A's I just have the milk usually



Addicted to Minimins!
For the A's I just have the milk usually
I'm the same. Using the b's are easy - i have to put more effort into using the a's.
Good luck starting SW Steph! I know you get faster results with CD but this is so much easier to stick to!

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