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Healthy Lunches On The Go

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all having a great weekend. I'm new here so I hope I'm not starting a thread about something that's been talked about before (and if so, maybe you can point me in the right direction).
I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for healthy lunchbox lunches?. I work 13 hour shifts and even though I am just sitting at a computer, I am ravenous by lunchtime..and end up eating lots of junk to compensate.
I make sandwiches/wraps but they just don't fill the gap.
Any help would be greatly appreciated because I am back on the same shift tommorrow and I want to keep on track.#
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What about a huge salad, with some chopped ham or chicken in and maybe either some pasta or new potatoes? The carbs and protein should help keep you fuller for longer :) Then take some fruit too so you've got something to nibble on throughout the day if you get the munchies!

Or homemade soup? Either in a flask or in a tub if you've got anywhere at work you can heat it up. You could also take a wholemeal roll for dipping purposes!

HTH :)
Hi MaisieMoodle!

Thanks for those ideas. I have some pasta at home in the kitchen, so I could make some up tonight. Reading that has made me hungry now! :D
I'm going to take a sneaky look at some websites now and see if I can get any recipes for healthy salad dressings to throw over the pasta (the joys of working in front of a computer!).
Another salad based one is chopping all your salad items really small, mixing it all up with the meat (chicken tikka from the chilled section works lovely in this), plenty of s&p and some low fat dressing. Have with/on crackers....... lovely! I really like the Tuc crackers, they're V. tasty and only 24 cals each :)

Aren't you good, researching home made dressing...... I just use the low-fat Tesco's own Honey & Mustard one (which is gorgeous), I haven't the patience to make my own!
Yum, I love Honey & Mustard dressing. I've just found a lovely recipe for Serbian Potato Salad, which is dead easy. The recipe says it works best if you let it marinade overnight and you can eat it cold..so fingers crossed it turns out nice.
I also like Tuc crackers. Thanks for the ideas!
Oooh, that sounds lovely, have you got a link? :)
I've got a bento lunchbox with 4 compartments to it, with another small container for a dressing. It's great for long days because you can nibble away as an when time allows. Laptop Lunches Bento Box Lunch System in PERIWINKLE - mine's a purple version of that one with an extra lid for one of the sections.

I'll tend to have salad in one, nuts and berries in another, olives, fruit, yoghurt - that sort of type of thing.

You might also want to look at Graze.com as they do delivered healthy snack boxes (although you can make them yourself too!)

Well done on the 35lbs!!. I had a look at that bento lunchbox, it's really cool. I always end up bringing in lots of different sized ones and leaving them behind in work..it's like the black hole in that kitchen!. Mixing the berries with nuts sounds nice..which ones do you use?
I just get supermarket ones generally as shopping time is pretty limited at the moment. Brazil nuts, almonds and pecans all have good oils in and are heavy on vitamin E (I think it's E, could be talking nonsense though!). Also good on potassium/magnesium.

Fruit is mostly fresh at the moment because I'm really trying hard to shift the weight while the momentum is there, but when I'm on dried fruit (which is most of the time), I'll snack on cranberries, blueberries, apricots and sometimes yoghurt covered raisins. If I add normal dried fruit to the pot of natural yoghurt earlier in the day, they rehydrate and are gorgeous by lunchtime!

The lunchbox is really cool - but you could do it just as easily with the boxes you have.

Thanks for the positive about the 35lbs too - been feeling a bit low this week, so it's nice to hear that :)
That's a great idea about leaving them in the yoghurt for a while..I never think of these things!. I bought the 'Cook yourself thin' book the other day and I am studying it..it has a great recipe for granola so that might be nice with some of your dried fruit yoghurt.
I have been making these flapjack stylie biscuits for my little boy's lunchbox and I add crushed walnuts, banana & dates to them. I bet they're not very low in calories but they fill you up so much that you only need one. I'm not toooo mad on nuts but I know I should eat more.
I love yoghurt covered raisins...you just reminded me, I haven't had them in ages.
Well, I think you're doing brilliant to lose 35lbs so keep up the good work!


Les Mills Fitness Freak
what about rice? i find it very filling.... add some chicken to it and maybe some salad things?
I love rice too..I make a 'healthy' version of fried rice by splashing a tiny bit of olive oil in the pan and cooking an egg while chopping it up. Then I throw some cold rice in and mix it with a small shake of Sesame Oil & a shake of Soy Sauce. You can add lots of different veg or some prawns/chicken.
Good luck in your run!
I make a pasta salad for work, all i throw in is some cooked wholemeal pasta, some peppers, cucumber and cherry tomatoes, then i just mix a little bit of extra light olive oil a splash or balsamic vinegar and some black pepper and toss the whole lot in it - delicious, cheap and easy! I sometimes add some wafer thin ham chopped up or some chicken but i guess you could add tuna too or anything else you fancy!
Hi Sigourney!
I work a 13 hour shift on a Saturday so I find that the rice/pasta fills me up enough to keep going until dinner. It used to be that I wouldn't eat enough and then end up cramming in loads of junk when I was starved near the end of my shift...and then go home to eat dinner late at night!
Sensible then.... I just bloat and maintain the minute I eat it... Love it though... And yeah I know what you mean ... Miss a meal or get too hungry and you carb cram don't you ! X
Hi, what are you having for breakfast?
I find that eating a bowl of porridge sweetened with honey is a good breakfast and helps with feelings of hunger throughout the day.
I agree soup is also a good idea.
Hi Dee Dee!
I mostly have poached or scrambled egg on toast for breakfast or else some beans on toast. I find both of them fill me up. I like porridge too but I'm the only one in the house who eats it, so it's in short supply.
I saw that you're following your own diet..would be really interested to hear what you're eating. This website is great for tips!

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