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Healthy options at Nandos?


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... are there any?!

I've just agreed to eat there this evening. I don't mind having something slightly naughty, but I don't want to do too much damage.

I definitely won't have chips, and if I have chicken I'll leave the skin. I'm a bit wary of ordering salads as I read some salads in places like that can actually be worse than the burgers!
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i do slimming world and i eat at nandos all the time, i usually go for half chicken with hot peri peri and salad for a 'red' day on sw, on a quarter chicken and 2 large corn on the cobs for a 'green' day, if your not familiar with sw that wont mean much but peri peri sauce is reasonably low in cals and fat and as long as you dont have butter so is corn on the cob. hope this helps but i eat there maybe once a fortnight and im still loosing


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When I was on WW I used to have the chicken breast with pitta and some rice, that was pretty low and nice and tasty! good luck!


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S: 13st10lb C: 10st0lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 23.3 Loss: 3st10lb(27.08%)
Thanks for the advice, we didn't go to Nando's in the end, went to Bella Italia instead. And I most definitely did not have a healthy option! :(

Oh well, I don't really regret it because I don't eat out much, and even if it sets me back a bit I'll still get there.

The tips will come in handy though as Nando's is where I'm mostly likely to go when I'm eating out, so thanks :)
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believe it or not, but nandos is one of the healthiest "eat out" options available. The chicken, of itself, has almost no carbs and no fat. You can get a quarter/half chicken and NOT eat the skin, or a chicken breast, but I usually opt for the tenderloins. They're very tasty, pack a massive 43g protein, only 1 g saturated fat and only 3g carbs. You can't get healthier than that!

The chips are a big no no, but you seem to know that. They are packed with saturated fats and carbs.

As for the salad, it's a good option. As long as you don't use the fancy dressing they provide you with, the salad is simply as fresh as it would be if you grabbed the ingredients from your backyard (maybe not that fresh, but there's nothing in the salad if you don't add dressing).

Don't know about the corn, it's the only vegetable I know of with NO nutritional value and that's packed with carbs too lol.

If you get the tenderloins (or another chicken, NO bread) with salad, you can easily stick to your diet. BTW, the sauce also makes a difference. Again, believe it or not, the extra hot sauce is lowest in calories and virtually no carbs and no fat. If you can handle the heat good for you.

I have a friend who owns and operates nandos, this is generally how nandos nutritional info goes, but I've also noticed quality and amount of food changes from nandos to nandos.

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