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Heart palpitations

I guys wondering I anyone can relate to this.for the last year I've been getting heart palpitations sometimes it's like a fast racing pump other times it's like it misses a beat.I've been to the docs and had ECG blood tests and even had a heart monitor on for 24 hours which has showed nothing.havnt been back to my doctors yet but have noticed more of a pattern with it,every time I get a palpitations it's shortly followed bythe urge to belch alot!!also occasionally I keep getting stomach cramps and a sudden urge to empty my bowels!like a have to go instantly feeling!could the palpitations be something to do with this,my
Mum said Maybe I've got ibs.I should go back to docs but I've been putting it off coz everytime I seem to talk or think about the palpitations they seem to come more frequent.try not to let it bother me as they come more if I do but it does scare me abit as feels like my heart is giving up.I'm only 25 and of very good health otherwise.
Any thoughts welcome
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Could well be stress related. In any case don't put off going to the doctor. Even if only to put your mind at rest and to ask the expert the questions you are asking on here. Take care.
Thanks.will make an appointment next week to go back.
Can't see how it can be stress though,I have a very stress free life I feel.always happens when resting and chilled out too.

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