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Heart Rate - during exercise


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Can anyone tell me what you should aim to have your HR at during cycling in order for you to be burning calories etc?? For weight loss?

Not sure if that q makes sense but i've just got an exercise bike and obviously want it too aid my weight loss as well as for fitness reasons.

I noticed during 20mins cycling my HR was around 153 - is this ok?

Thanks in advance
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153 is fine, just make sure you keep it under 170


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hey there, i am a little confused, i used the heart rate calculator above but according to that my resting heart rate is in the optimum training range??? When i do any exercise (even walking) my heart rate is way above that level??

DOes that mean it isn't doing me any good??
No, it doesn't mean it's not doing you any good. It means you're fitness levels aren't very good. But you're working on it, that's the main thing!

When I was at my fittest my resting heart rate was 40 and my aerobic HR was about 130. However, now I'm incredibly unfit and my resting HR is about 80 and my aerobic HR is about 170 (my maximum is about 200)

It's all about how you feel really rather than numbers, especially as you get fitter as the numbers will change a lot.

If you want yo burn fat you should be out of breath but able to talk. If you're at the stage where you could only blurt out a couple of words if you tried then you're working too hard. However, if you're not even raising a sweat and you're breathing just as you would if you were watching TV then you're not working hard enough!

Like anything, the HR guidelines are just that. It's different for everyone.
Any exercise is good by the way. Unless you have an underlying medical condition then don't worry too much about you HR!


Still fighting
S: 14st8.5lb C: 14st3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30.3 Loss: 0st5.5lb(2.69%)
Thanks for that LRO ;o)

And cheers Rachel your info is great too and makes sense x

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