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Heartbroken, but determined!


Mini crazy cat lady
Hi. Recently come out of a 7 yr relationship, and discovered he was cheating on me - the swine! However, this has given me the boost i needed to take control of my weight! Started Slimming World on Tuesday, after dabbling in it before. So far so good, but I think posting online will help give me the drive to continue. I'm new to forums, so if i post something in the wrong place, or muck up, let me know!
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Mini crazy cat lady
I'm doing Extra Easy at the moment. Any comments on my diary are welcome. I have a severe hatred of vegetables, but do like salad veg and fruits.

Day one:

Weetabix and skimmed milk - A & B
Potato waffles - 7 syns (i had a craving!)
1/2 tin baked beans
Tomato sauce - 1 syn
Sauce made with 1/2 green pepper, onion, tinned tomatoes, herbs, seasoning and fry light

Only in the evening did i realise this was pretty much a green day, so i could have had another A & B :(


I will be a yummy mummy!
If you want people to comment on your food, it might be worth you setting up a diary in the food diary section. It will help you keep track of everything you're eating - particularly if you update it throughout the day, I find it really helpful.
I know with Extra Easy we're all supposed to have a third of our meals as superfree food. If you don't like veg you can always make sure you follow your meals with fruit to get the superfree in.

Food looks good though, trouble is you've made me crave potato waffles now!!


Mini crazy cat lady
Thanks, i have done :) Sometimes i wonder if ive bitten off more than i can chew! Not long out of a relationship, just discovered he was cheating on me, moved house 4 weeks ago, and now taking on a new diet challenge! I am doing it for myself, as i need my confidence rebuilt, and i need to find myself again, as over 7 years i have slowly become half of another person, rather than all me! They say if you eat a little bit of something you don't like several times, you grow to like it. So i'll continue to sneak veggies into sauces :)
hi welcome and good luck it's a brilliant supportive site, and s/w is a great plan there's so much to eat its nice to know i don't have to feel hungry all the time like i did on countless other diets. sorry to hear of ur breakup big hug xx


I will be a yummy mummy!
You've defininately done the right thing - losing weight will give you confidence, especially with everyone's comments about how much you've lost!
How much do you have to lose if you don't mind me asking?

It might be worth trying some different veggies or cooked in a different way - one of my friends hates boiled carrots but loves them roasted. Also if you blend your sauces then the veggies are even more hidden!
you go girl! A great way to feel in control is via diet. Me and hubby been on SW for 6 weeks no, only on minimins for 2 weeks. So supportive here. Great community.

Keep up the good work, and hugs on the breakup.


Mini crazy cat lady
Cheers peeps. In terms of how much to loose, i would say i don't really have a target as such. If i lost 3 stone that would be amazing, but i would rather look at smaller targets, such as getting to 13 stone, then trying to lose at least 1lb a week. But i'm under no illusion, there will be some weeks that i may put on. But as long as i know where i went wrong, then there's no feeling of confusion and despair! Cost is an issue, as the cost of the meetings is the same as a gym membership, so i may eventually stop the meetings in favour of the gym!
Very disorganised this week, trying to run down whats in the freezer and cupboard so i can re-stock, but i intend on having better food plans in the following weeks.
Welcome on board TT. You'll love the SW plan - no need to ever go hungry. Really sorry your life has been in so much turmoil lately but you're right to take the bull by the horns and address the weight issue - not for anyone else, but just for you. Good luck and if you have any questions just shout! X

Hi !!! Welcome to this lovely community.

Sorry about your relationship............. be sure something better is around the corner for you.

Good luck with SW. It is a brilliant diet, well it isn't a diet, it is a way of life.

hugs xxx

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