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Losing the mummy fat
I have made the awful decision to rehome my 2 dogs, I can't afford to look after them and I have to start work full time which means they would be left for 9 hours a day :(
I've had them for 2 years and love them to pieces. I know Im doing the right thing but it hurts like hell
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I think you are doing the right thing as dogs can suffer being on their own too much and hopefully they will get a new home soon.

Perhaps the new owners will let you stay in contact, or at least let you know how they are doing every now and then...it is worth asking?


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Aw hunny I feel for you, as Mini said dogs can really suffer being left on their own for too long, and you are doing the right thing which is more than some owners do x x x


Losing the mummy fat
Thank you, I am rehoming them through the labradoodle trust who will ensure they get a brilliant home, Im hoping that I can get updates ect.
Will miss them so much

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aw i hope you're doing okay, i had to rehome my labrador last year for the same reason, i was absolutely lost without him and felt immense guilt at the time, but i know it was for the best, he wasn't happy at home alone so much and i know now he's in a country home with another lab for company. i do still think about him and i'm even welling up a bit typing this, but it does get easier. just remember you're doing it out of love for them. x


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awww hunni thats terrible in one way

but can i just say well done you for making the choice to do it the right way. we rescued or pup from a centre at 6weeks old he was dumped as a 3 week old pup!!!

well done you for doing the responsable thing, but i'm sorry it had to come to this


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aw what a shame, but like the others have said at least you are doing whats best for the dogs, we rehomed our seconed dog just before xmas as his previous owners were apparently in the same position to you, and I can assure you he is very happy here with us and our other dog Archie - I'm sure your dogs will be just as happy in their new home.
Take care hun xx


Losing the mummy fat
I didn't realise that others had posted sorry!
Thanks for all the lovely comments, dogs are still here and am not sure when they are going, going to miss them crazy but know Im doing the right thing x


Bring on the weight loss!
Awwww its horrible having to do it - but you are making the right decision :)

I recently had to rehome my two rabbits, two hamsters and one of my dogs because of relocation and work etc.

I was so devastated and felt immensely guilty but I know its whats best for them - they deserved someone who could give them more attention :)