Heartburn help


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I am suffering from the same thing,it is due to the milk. I emailed LT and they recommended Pepcid,AC or Zantac. NO GAVISCON.
Iam actually thinking of swapping to CD as they have lactose free shakes:) Or New you that offers bars. Good luck.


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is it the dry milk thats the problem? cos normally milk for me is fine but ive got really bad heartburn when i usually wouldnt have it?? x


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im not sure whats causing it but last night at midnight the only thing i had was gavisgon :( it was really hurting

tbh i think its the lack of solids but im not sure, i suffer anyway if i miss a meal xxxx
thanks guys xxx

xx Cathy xx

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So glad I'm not on my own, was going to start a thread like this today, I've had indigestion for about 2 weeks solid with some times worse than others. Last night I had it really bad and wondered what I could take so big thanks for the remedies I'll go get some later x


S: 20st2lb G: 10st3lb
Yeah, it could be the dry milk alright. Just like babies with their bottles, u know the way sometimes u have to try different milk etc... Thats what my friend did with my godchild. Anyway, yeah... I am relieved iam not the only one. It is really annoying, it was so bad I couldn't go training:(:(. Anyway I think I've got the solution with New You.
I should stop mentioning it as people might think iam trying to sell something.
I haven't even tried it yet...