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Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
Just curious - those of you who do red & green days, how many healthy extra A's do you have?

I'm from old school Slimming World where it was always 1 healthy extra A, 2 Healthy extra B's so having an extra one always feels a bit naughty (daft I know!)

Have you noticed any change in weight loss from having 1 or 2?

Cheers x
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You are allowed 2 HEA choices, but my C always says that it isn't as bad to not use both As as it would be Bs. I mostly use both A choices but not always and either way my weight loss has been fine. I do notice if I have not had enough Bs though!

I really struggle with my A's because i only drink soya milk and im not a massive cheese fan.

I have to work my A's into things such as pasta and sauce, mozzerella toppings on a bake etc.

I try to have 2 HEA's but often only manage 1 but it hasn't affected my losses :)
I only have 1 A as I don't like a lot of the things on there, I rarely have 2 and if I do it's cheese on a salad or something :)
I always have my milk and loove cheese so I have the 2 lol

Not sure if helps as been naughty:sigh: but lose well when stick to plan


Slow but sure....
I have 2 HEA's most day's - mainly because I have a lot of weight to lose and I can always drop one A when my weight loss begins to slow down along the way....I usually have skim milk for one and either 3 Light Babybel cheese's or 6 Laughing Cow Ex Light triangles (split up during the day) for the other one.
Can't you have cheese as a HEB too? (or maybe i have imagined that?) :confused:

mmm laughing cow light... cant beleive you are allowed so many! must get some :) yum yum xx
Yes you can have cheese as a HeA... I have laughing cow lights / babybels as if I start eating 'normal' cheese... I won't stop! :eek::rolleyes::D


Slow but sure....
HEXB choices are all usually fibre based such as bread, crispbreads, cereals etc.

HEXA choice's are calcium enriched choices such as cheese and milk.

Mrs V

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I do Red and Green Days and only have the one HeA...if I have an extra ounce if cheese, then I would rather syn it. I dont have that many syns as it is.
Yes you can have cheese as a healthy extra A on a Red day, it's in my book. :)

D'uh ETA - just read it again, you're on about B choices aren't you?! My gosh, I am so ditsy today! lol

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