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Heat Wave


Minimin Addict
I can't bear the feeling of sun on my skin, even though I go as brown as a berry, so I stay indoors!

Not liked the Sun since working in Spain in 1988!
I don't like too much heat and I burn so here I am inside. Thankfully the house stays cool as it is very old and has small windows and where I am the room is north facing so it's really pleasant.

Have been out under the big umbrella. Sat on my chair and the cushion was red hot where the sun had got to it! I have shorts and a little top on and pray we do not get unexpected guests! :eek:
Not a great sun lover myself, I am very fair skinned and tend to burn straight away, so I tend to stay in the shade ;o)...x


Minimin Addict
I don't think i burn (never give myself chance to find out) and as a kid i was always out and majorly tanned. But now i hate being hot and sticky, i have a fan on at night all year round.
I like Autumn/winter/spring in Southsea :D although i don't make the most of it like i should.
Hey .Nicky, I have got the fan on at the moment as we speak, lovely and cooling ;o)...xx


Mini crazy cat lady
I burn like nothing on earth, so I tend to stick to the shade. I don't mind the sun, but I can't stand the mugginess that sometimes comes with it - when the air is so thick and warm, its like being suffocated.

But I do like being able to put my washing out to dry! It's all I seem to think about at the moment - Hmmmm, could I dry a wash today......

(Yes, I have a wash out at the moment, and another waiting, hoping that tomorrow is sunny too!)
I go red then white again.
Luckily(!) I live in Aberdeenshire, and we've had our annual day of sunshine this year, back to rain & drizzle til the snow hits..... :p


Minimin Addict
hubby went out to sort the garden and put up the new washing line, he came back in 5 mins later and looked like he's been on a 10mile jog. No washing line for Nicki, although the maidens are out there.


The Big One
Not a great sun lover myself, I am very fair skinned and tend to burn straight away, so I tend to stay in the shade ;o)...x
This is me to a tee! Why can't we just have some inbetween weather - not a torrential down pour and not a heatwave?? Obviously too much to hope for!
Wel its pouring down here now, the weather has broke and its not as muggy xx
It's been very sticky-hot today, hoping that one day soon I won't be sweating all the time just walking back from the shops etc. Looking forward to hopefully next summer being able to wear nice, cool summer clothes!
Its now 7.20 and the perfect temperature! I shall go for a power(ish) walk soon. I just hate getting sweaty. Wish it could be just like now most of the time though I would miss Autumn my fave season.
OMG I hate summer!

I know its prob down to weight but good grief i feel like a baked potato!

Roll on the beautiful Autumn
It is 95 here today. I promise you if you had the hot weather for long enough you would get used to it.

I have shorts and a little top on and pray we do not get unexpected guests! :eek:
I love the LITTLE top bit........well done !!

lol i'm jealous! mines been hijacked by my bunny, other wise it would be pointed at my face!
Naughty bunny :8855:clever bunny !!!

I thought the skin colour in Scotlander was blue!;)
LOL !!!!

It is roasting here as well, more than usual for our part of Spain, but I prefer the heat to the cold........natural I suppose after 31 year here.

The worlds weather has gone crazy.
I used to hate the sun/heat and suffer like a lot of people.

THere's nothing like losing approx 30% bodyweight and slimming down enough to really tell the difference.

Indeed in a dramatic role-reversal, I now hate the cold and embrace the sunshine and warmth big-style.

Even Florida and all its humidity didn't faze me this year! I guess i'm becoming one of those sun worshippers. I still can't abide lying for hours sunbathing though.


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