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Im sat ere in tears, im so unhappy :(

basically i started cambridge about 3 months ago and i managed to stick to it for 2 whole days. my circumstances have changed now though, im in full time employment and ive also gained a further 2 stone.

my question is this, i find it very hard to get past the 1st week with just shakes i end up feeling very sick and as i have a severe phobia of vomit i end up eating, do u think i could start the diet using bars, 1 mix a mousse and 1 shake a day, obv drinking more water?? i so want to do this diet but the sickness is a huge problem, i just cant carry on counting points im going insane, please help all advice is so much appreciated! xxxxx
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Sorry to hear you feel so bad. I'm no expert so I hope a CDC is along soon to answer your question! Surely it must be better to have 1 shake, 1 bar and 1 mousse though than not do the diet at all? Good luck with whatever you decide and keep posting if you feel so unhappy! It might help :) :hug99:
thanx for the quick reply, its so hard because i would have to do the diet in secret as no1 agrees with it and ive started it and stopped it so many times im ashamed to tell people im starting again as i get doubted and laughed at i do hope a cdc will along soon to answer but thank you so much for your support x
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Hi Chuckie

Its so tough when you start. Believe me i've been restarting every week since March! Like you I've not told anyone this time 'cos i'm just going to get that knowing look of 'she's on another diet'.

I'm not an expert, just a rather practised beginner but maybe you could start on one of the higher plans (790, etc) rather than jump straight into ss. Chat to your cdc, its what their there for.

Good luck for whatever you decide.

Mrs V

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Hey Hun....how are you today?

I don't come on in the evenings - just at work!!! So I have just read your post and thought that I would bump it up for you. Hopefully a CDC will advise you on the best option for you.

Good luck and don't despair, there is always a way to compromise!!

Take care



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Hi Chuckie, do you think that maybe one of the other plans 790 or 1000 may suit you better. You will still lose weight but it gives you the flexibility of food too.
Not sure if it's because you don't like the shakes or maybe you have an intolerence to the lactose.

Let me know if there are any that don't make you feel this way also have you tried the soups.

PM me if you need to hun xx


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Yes you can, I have 3 tetras per day, just the chocolate ones and I know Im not the only one here that does it. I have the odd bar aswell and Im on the 790 plan so I have a small meal each day too and when Im good and stick to the plan I lose 3-4 lbs per week. I would suggest trying 790 for a week or so to get used to the diet and then move down to ss or even stick at 790 if it works out ok?
thanx so much, i was thinking of starting after xmas but thats just giving me a license to over eat until then so im gonna ring a cdc 2day and make an appt for when i get paid cuz last time my cdc only had a small amount of tetras


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Good idea Chuckie, let her know that you want to be just on tetras so that she can make sure of having enough.

Better to start now than put it off....you can have a stone off easily by Christmas hun x.
Start the preparation now by cutting down on carbs and upping the water, to make it easier on yourself.
If it makes you feel so sick have you ever considered doing slimfast instead? That allows you a meal in the evening, although I don't think its as fast working as cambridge from what i've read about it.
That meal a day though might make all the difference for you however and allow you to stick to it better.