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Heeeeelllllloooooo shy newbie ere

:wave_cry:Hi everyone
just want to introduce myself and say hello and if anyone wants to be my cc buddy please do I need moral support and hate feeling alone.:cry:
My first day is tomorrow and Im a terrible drinker as in I drink about 2 glasses of fluid everyday so this is going to be a real toughie for me as I just dont get thirsty at all.
I want to be slim for xmas and get rid of my bulges and feel nice again:)
I will log on here every night to chat as I wont be able to do it without knowing others are going through the same...anyway take care everyone and speak soon:)
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size 8 skinnies ..yesss!
Hey hun and welcome!!
Awww yes the water intake is a toughy but you'll realise its got to be done and it really helps with losing those lbs each week, good luck on your journey and trust me it will be a good one, I am loving the results so far xx
Hi Pebbles, don't worry you won't feel alone on here :)
I got over my water 'fear' by making sure I had a pint of water every hour, every hour make sure your pint glass is empty and get a new one. I find with it on my desk i drink it without realising. Good luck! :)
Hello pebbles and IrishBlueEyes

Welcome and good luck!

I found it hard to drink water, I think you have to 'bite the bullet' and get stuck in. To begin with I managed about 2 litres of water and a fair amount of black coffee but now I am disciplining myself to have 4 litres of water a day (plus black coffee).
And the truth is I feel so much better since I upped the water intake.
Perhaps you could build up how much water you have each day. It does feel odd to begin with and I found myself dashing off to the loo after each 500 mls bottle.
Join the water challenge here (drink an Olympic sized swimming pool) - that has really helped to keep me focused.
Wishing you all the best!


Enjoyin' my journey....
Hi both - good luck with starting CD. The water drinking becomes much easier - like Choo said, just make sure you always have a glass of water nearby and sip steadily throughout the day - you'll be surprised how quickly a glass disappears. The interesting part is how much you notice when you haven't drunk enough. Keep us posted - minimins is great forum, with lovely people and loads of support to hand. Tx


Happiness in a shake!
Hi both, welcome and good luck with your first week, the water is horrible to begin with, but it becomes your best friend, just make sure you have a glass/bottle of water beside you at all times, it really does make a difference, it fills you up and gives you some hand to mouth action! x Good luck girls, you can do it x
hi both and welcome, i was terrible pre diet for not drinking nuch, but i find it easy now to drink 3 litres + coffee throughout day,
top tip is to use a sports type bottle and have water room temp, i find it goes down easier than cold water, before you know it the bottlt is empty! x good luck
Hi Pebbles, and welcome! I've just finished my first week, and had a great loss. It was that thought that spurred me on - and seeing everyone else's great results on here! I thought I'd struggle with the water, as I used to have ONE glass of water all day at work before, or even less sometimes. But now I get such a dry mouth (from being in ketosis, yey) so I'm always reaching for the water. A good thing as it's helped me feeling full up :)

Good luck x
Hi guys and thanks all for all your incredible warm welcomes....well i only managed 3 times 500mls so not brilliant but will try harder tomorrow and eeeuuukkkk that brochilli and chese I nearly threw up I cannot stomach it so contacted my councilor and she will change them for me so any ideas...what is nice and what isnt....im going to try the spicy tomato I think.must try harder tomorrow but I do feel so bloated from all the drinking....xxxxxx
Hey hun, welcome to the CD diet! I am on my third week now and lost 1st 1lb in my first 2 weeks, and was awful before with water i never ever drank it but u will get to a point where u always want it! Good luck with it all xx
Hi and welcome pebbles. First I really struggle with water too but when /i got the CD flavouring, it is much easier. Also the brocoli & cheese soup is revolting and I think most ppl think that. my cdc wount even stock it. I also detested the spicy tomato! My favs are vegetable and the chicken & mushroom. The porridge is great I think but everyone's tastes are different. Except I've not heard one person say they like the brocoli & cheese.

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