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Gaaagh I've put on a stone (I wondered why my size 12's were feeling overly snug :( ).

SO the big question.. to go back on sole source, or what?

I originally lost 3.5 stone on Lighterlife/then Cambridge.. went from size 18 to size 12 (when I was very comfortable and happy with myself) but have put on about a stone and am now more a size 14 and feeling completely out of control around food and very cross with myself.

Shall I go back to sole source or start weightwatchers or similar - what do you think? please help, desperately need advice here, I really want to stabilise my weight and remain in control of what I'm doing, I'm CROSS with myself! :mad:
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My advice is to do 790 for a couple of weeks and then review your weight with your counsellor and decide on a good maintenance plan to help you keep that stone off.



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awwww thanks :) and hey - well done for 5 stone that's amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!

going to do this now, you're very motivational you lot :D