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Red Days Helathy Extras

If it's just a one off then I say go for it - it's not going to make any difference I dont think. Sometimes if I have one slice of bread then I make it up with one alpen light bar. I think you have to be realistic. It's a long term eating plan so what you do today is not going to really matter in a few months.


Serial Foodie!
i split them too... sometimes have half milk, half cheese and do it with the Bs as well. surely all adds up the same as long as u r strict with measures? x


Yummy Mummy! xx
My consultant was talking about this last night at class and she said its fine to split the healthy extras as a lot of people have been asking so they discussed it at their head office meeting.


Strutting her stuff
Yep, if you look at the FAQs on the SW website it says you can split your HEs as long as the HE is a single food item. So you can split your milk and cheese for example but not your porridge because that is supposed to be porridge + scan bran.


Losin the baby weight :-)
Marvellous! Thank you all - makes life so much easier if I can split them! I like to have Laughing Cows on my toast in a morning but don't particulalry like them on anything else so would much rather have say 2 Laughing Cows and 1 Lighy Babybel! :)

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