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Helens Food Diary :)

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by PrincessH87, 5 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. PrincessH87

    PrincessH87 Member

    Hello, i'm Helen

    I am currently following the Slimming World Extra Easy plan and after a few weeks of not being on track and missing meetings I have decided to get back on it, This week is a new week, a 'fresh start' and its time to stop complaining and do it properly, I have even given myself the kick needed to get back to the gym instead of just sitting watching the payment go out my account every month.

    I have previously lost 3 and a half stone doing Weight Watchers and became a target member, I found it difficult to maintain with lots of weighing and measuring, I also didn't feel like id fully got to the weight I wanted as that Target was one set by the group leader not myself. My mum was doing Slimming World at the time and whilst stopping with her for a week I watched what she was eating, read the magazines etc and decided to give it a try myself as an alternative to help me get to where I actually wanted to be, unfortunately I have a put on a few pounds and am now slightly above my Weight Watchers Target weight, I also weigh more then I did when I went to my first Slimming World meeting (eeekkk) so I really do need to get back on track before it keeps going up and up and before I know it I am back at the beginning.

    Whilst searching for the syns value of something I came across this website and thought id join and think sharing food diaries is a great idea and am hoping by sharing my food diary ill get the extra help and ideas from everyone I need to get to goal, and will hopefully also give ideas to other people.
    looking forward to hearing what you think :)

    Helen xx

    - sorry if this is posted twice - I couldn't find it to comment on it after id posted it the first time :(
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  3. PrincessH87

    PrincessH87 Member

    My food Diary for this week so far is:

    Breakfast - Big Bowl of Blueberries, Strawberries and chopped Banana covered in Muller Yogurt + Homemade Milky Coffee (HeA)
    Lunch - Homemade Cauliflower and Leek Soup, 4 Original crispbread Ryvitas (HeB), Pear
    Dinner - Lean Bacon, Roasted Pepper and Pasta in Tomato Sauce
    Snacks - Melon wedge, Satsumas, Appls

    Gym - 45min Spinning glass
    Syns - 0

    Breakfast - 2x Weetabix, Banana and Milk (HeA &B)
    Lunch - Leftover Soup, 3 Ryvitas (4.5syns) topped with cottage cheese, apple
    Dinner - 2x Linda McCarty rosemary and red onion Sausages, Asda Giant Cous Cous, roasted mushroom, courgette and aubergine
    Snacks - melon wedge, satsumas, muller yogurt

    gym - nothing
    syns - 4.5

    Breakfast - 2x Weetabix, Banana and milk (HeA&B)
    Lunch - spinach and tomato omelette, 3 satsumas
    Dinner - Chicken Breast, Roasted butternut squash, and sprouts, gollowed by Blueberiies and muller yogurt
    Snacks - 2 plums, pear, bag of sweet and salty popcorn (7.5syns)

    Gym - body pump & body combat class
    Syns - 7.5
  4. PrincessH87

    PrincessH87 Member

    Today has been a very productive day, I've been very organised and even planned ahead my meals for the next few days.
    Today's Food Diary is:

    Breakfast - poached eggs, spaghetti hoops, mushrooms, 2 ryvita (part of HeB) milky coffee (HeA)

    Lunch - homemade broccoli and pea soup, 2 ryvita (other HeB) 2 plums

    Dinner - homemade shepherds pie, cauliflower, sprouts and a Turkish delight muller yogurt

    Snacks - banana, pear, satsumas

    Total syns = 0
    Gym = body attack & body pump
  5. Lindsey-g

    Lindsey-g Recovering chocoholic

    Your diary looks fine. I follow SW at home so my books are a few years old but I think you should be eating your syns every day. Apparently not eating them can impede your weight loss. I can't fathom out how that works, but it seems to! You will find loads of friendly people and helpful threads on here, just have a browse around.
  6. jenniecakes

    jenniecakes Gold Member

    I've recently started slimming world and I am a fellow weight watcher originally. I've found the swap a lot easier than i thought i would.
    Weightwatchers is great but unless you've got the time its not really sustainable and you can do weightwatchers without being healthy.
    I feel so much better doing slimming world than I ever have doing any other diet plan.

    Good luck with it, and I agree, I would definitely eat your syns too, thats what they are there for. Some days i have a syn free day but then make up for it the next day :D
  7. PrincessH87

    PrincessH87 Member

    thanks for your kind comments.
    I am trying to start having more syns a day, when I first started slimming world I used to not have any but I've decided I need to start allowing myself 'treats'
    After doing weight watchers for so long I found it a bit strange going from having to weigh and count everything, trying to get the most out of the least to being able to have more that I find I'm still doing the same with my syns using as much free and super free so I don't need syns just like using so much zero food as possible at weight watchers to avoid using points.
    are there any low syn snacks that you'd recommend?
    My food Diary for today is:

    Breakfast - 2x weetabix (HeB) banana and milk
    Lunch - homemade broccoli & pea soup, 2x ryvita (3syns) with cottage cheese and 3 satsumas
    Dinner - leftover shepherds pie, broccoli and a muller yogurt
    snacks - pear, 2x Belvita biscuits (6syns) and an apple

    total syns = 9
    gym = rest day
  8. Lindsey-g

    Lindsey-g Recovering chocoholic

    Hi, I tend to use a few of my syns on meals (sauces, mayo, oil) and a few on treats . I think Cadbury freddos are 5 syns. Walkers French fries are 4 syns. I like Special K biscuit bars at the moment. They are 5 syns per pack of 2 biscuits. They are really sweet and lovely.
  9. PrincessH87

    PrincessH87 Member

    oohh good idea with the mayo and sauces, I'll give it a try next week

    Todays food diary is:

    Breakfast - 2x weetabiks (HeB) Banana and milk (part of HeA)
    Lunch - Broccoli and pea soup, 2 Ryvita (3syns) with cottage cheese and 3 satsumas
    Dinner - more leftover shepherds pie and Cauliflower, muller yogurt
    Snacks - Apple, 2xBelvita Biscuits (6syns), Milky coffee (other part of HeA)

    total syns = 9
    gym = rest day

    I had a lot of temptations at work today, with people bringing in chocolates and homemade biscuits but I managed to resist and said NO THANKYOU! to all of them :) I really want my next weigh in to be a good loss and im not going to allow a little biscuit or chocolate ruin that :)
  10. PrincessH87

    PrincessH87 Member

    So today has been a very busy day, doing lots of final preparations for my sisters hen weekend that I am planning, which is happening in less then 3weeks eeekkk

    my food plan for the day is:

    Breakfast - 2x Weetabix made with Almond milk (thought id give it a try) and a coffee
    I then went to the gym where I ended up doing 2 classes as there was a mess up with the system and I wasn't cancelled and it was either take part or pay extra so I took part
    post Gym 'snack' - spinach and tomatoes scrambled eggs

    Lunch - homemade celery soup, with 2scanbran (2Syns) and a pear
    Dinner - Homemade Lamb Rogan Josh, Bombay potatoes and Pilau Rice (all free, all SW recipes) a small piece of Plain Naan Bread (Syns estimated using calorie information - half a Naan is 190calories and I had less then a quarter of it, so I'm going to put it down as 5)

    Snacks - Banana, Muller Yogurt

    Syns = Approx 7 - I'm not having any more syns today just incase, especially as weigh day is tomorrow
    Gym = 45minute Spinning class and then Body Attack class

    tomorrow is my first weigh in after a week of being back on track, im really nervous but am hoping it will be good :)
  11. Lindsey-g

    Lindsey-g Recovering chocoholic

    Well done on the exercise, food sounds nice too. Good luck with weigh in tomorrow .
  12. PrincessH87

    PrincessH87 Member

    Sorry for the lateness of today's diary, I've been out and about with my mum and am now at work on a night shift :( number 1 of 7.

    Today started with good news - I lost 3pounds!!!
    i then spent the rest of the day shopping with my mum, I did have some treats and more syns then normal but I'm going to be good for the rest of the week.

    breakfast - banana and milky coffee following weigh in

    lunch - we went out to a harvester where I had a bowl of salad to start (lettuce, tomatoe, onion, sweetcorn, cucumber and beetroot cubes, then I have grilled salmon, jacket potatoe and green beens no butter. I was going to have the fruit salad for after but they didn't have any so instead went for the sundae best which I've estimated as being about 15syns cased on the calories.

    dinner - a pear and 2nectarines - I didn't have much as I was still full from lunch
    snacks - none

    total syns = 15+
    gym = rest day
  13. PrincessH87

    PrincessH87 Member

    Today's food diary is going to be s bit confusing, because I'm on nights I don't really have the set 3 meals and I count my syns from midnight to midnight.

    overnight snack - homemade celery soup, 2scan bran (2syns) 3satsumas, an apple, an alpen light bar (part of HeB)
    breakfast - 1 weetabix (part of HeB) made with 200ml almond milk (2syns) and a Banana
    i then went to bed, when I woke up I had

    dinner - roast pepper, aubergine and courgette, flaked tuna and pasta in chopped tomatoes
    snack - large lettuce leafs whole, topped with diced chicken, tomato, cucumber and spring onion, muller yogurt

    My HeA was milk throughout the night in teas and coffees

    total syns = 4
  14. Lindsey-g

    Lindsey-g Recovering chocoholic

    Must be difficult to keep track when you are working nights.

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