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Hi there, no idea if i'm doing this right, but we shall see.
My names Linzi, I'm 19 years old and I'm a student from Belfast. Even though I'm rather young I've always had trouble with my weight for as long as I can remember, although I haven't always been overweight. I've always been tall for my age and during my early teens I always felt bigger than everyone else, even thought I was a normal weight for my size. Looking back it really annoys me, because now I actually am overweight lol.
Moving out of my house in September and living on my own in student halls hasn't exactly helped me to eat and drink sensibly as you can imagine, so I've decided it's now time to take action. I want to reach a healthy weight and feel good about myself, because at the minute I feel like such a slob haha. Just joined a gym...so erm...we'll see how that goes.

Pleased to meet you all and do forgive me for my ramblings lol.
Anyone have any tips or methods that they've found useful in their weightloss?
Linzi xoxo:)
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welcome and good luck. If you need any help or advice just shout someone on here will have an answer or suggestion


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Hi and welcome. Are you wanting to follow something like slimming world or weight watchers or just eat healthy foods and exercise more

Irene xx


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Hi Linzi and welcome to minimins. I hope your successful and this board helps you. :)


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Hey Linzi Welcome to minis,
Good luck with your weigtloss journey!!
You can do it!!!
Good luck!!

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Welcome Linzi, when you decide which diet plan you are going to follow you will get loads of support on the specific forum boards.

Good luck with it. x


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Hi and welcome. Good luck with the dieting. My only advice would be to try and find a diet that works for you. Sounds obvious but finding a way of eating that fits into your lifestyle and you can get your head around can be difficult.