Hello, a newbie on Exante


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Hi there, I’ve just joined! I’ve just completed my first week on Exante and lost 5.2lbs and I’m completely sedentary due to an ankle injury. I’m really chuffed with this loss! I’m doing 800 cals, plus also doing it 16:8 style as this seems to work for me. I have around 6st to lose. I’m really interested to read so many encouraging stories!
Hi salbeer , I started exante last friday just getting to know the flavours, I have around 6 stone to lose as well, have had bits of food though not much !
valentines day on thursday and will be eating out so will take it serious after that.
so keep in touch and let me know how much your losing and I will do the same. good luck, from jan
Welcome, both of you! I am a re-starter and on day three or is it four after losing over a stone before Christmas. I didn't put on much at all over that time so am pleased to be back on Exante again.