exante diet

  1. S

    Exante - Day 1

    Hi Everyone! I am on Day 1 of the Exante diet. I will be having 3 meal replacement shakes a day every day for two weeks. I then go away for a week and will be back on track when I get back. I am just making a daily diary to keep me on track and write my thoughts down every day to help me stay...
  2. Q

    Looking for support

    Hello everyone! I have been coming across this site everytime I have googled something exante related so thought I'd give it a go. Im 1 week into exante and have found it quite easy as I have things to keep me occupied. I gave birth 2 weeks a go (I know not recommended so soon after birth but I...
  3. sweetenuff77

    Anybody looking for a diet buddy?

    Hi all 👋🏻 I am not new to this forum though not the diet but, it has been a very long time and am seriously struggling to even get through a single day! I am usually not so bothered after a week just that, this time round I cannot get it going. Then I inevitably binge and try again grr! So...
  4. M

    Back on Exante!

    I tried exante last year but didn’t prepare mentally for ketosis with a little one in tow. My weight has creeped up over the last year or so and have now hit the 13st mark which is very big for my frame. Ive heard now that I’m in my 40’s it’s much harder to shift the weight so I am fully...
  5. Salbeer

    Hello, a newbie on Exante

    Hi there, I’ve just joined! I’ve just completed my first week on Exante and lost 5.2lbs and I’m completely sedentary due to an ankle injury. I’m really chuffed with this loss! I’m doing 800 cals, plus also doing it 16:8 style as this seems to work for me. I have around 6st to lose. I’m really...
  6. irregularchoiceshoes

    K's exante journey

    Hi all First time starting exante lookinhbfor someone to buddy up with hoping by putting a diary on here will keep me on track. Want to shift a couple of stone in 8 weeks is that possible? Lost 9 stone in 2013 had my son in 2015 put it all back on during pregnancy lost again currently a 12-14...
  7. A

    Determined to stand in front of the camera

    Hi all I have my beautiful step daughters wedding to attend in 8 weeks and I’ve been so anxious. Tried every diet in the past but found Exante and thought I would give it a try. I’m determined to feel comfortable enough to be in the wedding photos. I have a total of 5 stone to loose obviously...
  8. S

    Exante - My Way

    I have tried exante in the past and although I know it can stick to it and works. It doesn’t fit in with my life. I have 2 children under two and that evening meal is important. We need to eat together as a family to establish a good routine, teach my kids about the importance of healthy eating...
  9. Alsay

    Exante Total Solution

    Day 1 here I go 😁 I am staying with my parents for the next week, so I've brought along a mixture of different exante shakes. All I have to do is pick 3 each day. Every 7 days or so I'm planning on logging my weight loss in kilos on here. Let's do this!!
  10. Laura40

    Total Solution My progress diary.....

    Hi All, Back on Exante today after having great success a number of years ago. Forgot how difficult it is to get started, but i know once i'm 'in the zone', hopefully it'll be worth it and the results will speak for themselves. Not looking forward to the dull headaches and ketosis...
  11. Tigerpaws


    Hey everyone. I have just started the exante total solution (600) calories a day. I am struggling a Lil bit. I have pcos a underactive thyroid. I wondered if anyone has managed this diet successfully? I have read a number of views over ketogenic diets and the effects. I also wondered if...
  12. S

    Total Solution exante diet

    Im just starting Exante Total Solution diet again for the third time today Help meee??? I have 2 stone to lose