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Hello! a quick update from me!!


Mummy of 2!
well, obviously the sweet stuff is out now:wave_cry: and i think i have to follow a low GI diet. will find out more tomorrow when i see the diabetic midwife.

i have to control it as it can make the size of the baby huge! its likely i'll be induced 2 weeks early which is the last thing i wanted really :cry:


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hi there
thats pants, you had gestational diabetes with your last pg didnt you? hope you manage to keep it under control with a healthy diet.
god cant believe we're 28 weeks already, almost into the 30's hasnt time flown!
i havent been around much either, went away to lake district for few days and returned to find laptop on the blink so now using old comp which is sooo slow drives me insane!
my midwife refused to sign authorisation to let me follow slimming world, despite all the bumf they gave me for her to read .. really pissed me off as was maintaining and eating really healthily .. she just said now is not the time to diet, just follow a healthy diet .. so she's basically gicen me a passport to eat crap for the last 2 weeks!
feel heavy and really bloated so will try and follow sw from home for last 3 mths of my pg to try and maintain - my scales dont work properly though so wont bother weighing in, will just pop in every now and again and perhaps keep a diary
Sorry to hear your news, on the bright side they have picked it up and will be keeping an eye on you. Were you induced early last time, why are you dead against it? Only asking as I was induced early on my last 2 and was glad of it, hoping to be this time too.
When I had my scan yesterday the midwife booked me in for a GTT cos my bmi is over 31, my nan had type 1 Diabetes from the age of 35 so I don't mind being checked for it. Hope you stay well controlled and baby doesn't get too big for you, please stay around and keep us posted, take care Jo


Mummy of 2!
yes i did have it last time but it wasnt picked up until i had given birth :rolleyes:

im very glad they have picked it up this time. i really should have been tested last time even just because my mum is diabetic. nevermind. i have been given loads of meal ideas and its all based on low GI so although i hav to quit the junk i can still have lovely steaks, chicken etc and diary is fine too so cheese eggs & yoghurts fine too. def not going to starve!!

i was induced last time as my waters broke and i didnt get contractions after 48 hours :rolleyes:

the only reason i am dead against it is because it carries a greater risk of a c-section (especially early induction) and i REALLY donnt want that as i have noone to help me in the 6week+ recovery period. wont be able to drive, lift my daughter etc

so thats whats worrying me :(
Ahh now I understand, I assume they will want to induce if the Baby is large or do they have other concerns regarding your health and the Diabetes. If its just the size of the baby, you have not gained a lot this time and if you can stick to the 'diet' maybe baby will be of normal size? How big was your Daughter ?

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