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Hello again! Back and here to stay to goal and beyond!


Eat to live don't live to eat!
Some of you may remember me, I started my cambridge journey in June last year and over 7 weeks lost 2 1/2 stone! I loved feeling slim and although I was still a way off goal, because I was slimmer than I had been in years I enjoyed being slim and didn't go thru the maintenance stages properly but managed to keep most of the weight off.

After a lot of chocolate at xmas I found myself 10lbs heavier :( so I re-started cambridge in Jan but just didn't have the motivation to do it, I managed 4 days sole source and at the end of day 4 gave up and started eating again. We were having money troubles so I used that as an excuse to give in when to be honest we could have managed.

Anyway, when I started eating again I just kept eating, I was quite stressed at home, my husband is facing redundancy and there were a few other things that happened too but I don't want to go into detail on here but basically I took comfort in food, sweets, chocolate, alcohol and ended up piling the weigh back on in a short space of time :(

My husband and I went on a much needed weekend break to Paris on 19 February and had a fantastic time, apart from the fact that my clothes felt really tight, which I ignored and ate lots of nice french food! When we got home on Monday 22 Feb and looked at the photos I suddenly saw myself and realised how much weight I had put on :(

On Tuesday 23 Feb I woke up and just thought I need to do ss NOW! So I called my cdc at 8.15am and went to see her at 9am! She asked if I really did feel that I could do it as I had given up before and did I want to waste my money etc, she said she needed to know that I was prepared to give it 100% which I said I was!

And so I got my products, some for £1.50 each as they had the old packaging which was great!

I have now been on ss for a whole week and have not cheated once! I do feel hungry at times but I have been ignoring it, the rumbles are my fat cells being blasted away lol!!! I have got upset a couple of times at dinner when my husband makes his gorgeous creations but I find music, ds games and reading distracts me enough to get thru it, I have even been cooking for the kids and made some gingerbread for them - pure torture but it keeps the kids happy!

Anyway, if you got thru all my rambling then well done! I have promised myself that I will do maintenance this time as I am determined to get the weight off and keep it off - plus I will be competing with my sister in dress wars for our brothers wedding in July lol!!!


Ps - I am seeing my cdc at 6.30pm today so will update weight etc either later tonight or tomorrow x
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Perseverance is key
Best of luck with your journey hun and i'll look forward to seeing how much you've lost tonight! :D xx


Eat to live don't live to eat!
Thanks Lea, I'm feeling a bit apprehensive as it will be my first evening weigh in so I will have had all my cd meals etc! Ah well, at least I know I have been 100% and you cant do anymore than that!

I see you are doing really well, keep up the good work x


Mad as a Hatter
Well done Twinkle - think there is a few of us on here who have been here before IYKWIM... but I for one feel very different about it this time .. and I think I can do it !

Looking forward to keeping up with your success and hopefully adding my own into it as well



Perseverance is key
Thanks Lea, I'm feeling a bit apprehensive as it will be my first evening weigh in so I will have had all my cd meals etc! Ah well, at least I know I have been 100% and you cant do anymore than that!

I see you are doing really well, keep up the good work x
Thats the same with me hun, I see my CDC on Mondays late afternoon so ive had all my shakes but like you said as long as you're 100% then thats the most you can do :) . Aww thank you, im really enjoying it, I just keep thinking of the result in my head and its keeping me going :D lol xx


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Good luck, you've got through the hardest part!


Eat to live don't live to eat!
Aww thanks guys, lovely to be welcomed back!

mrsessex (still makes me think mrs sex and makes me smile lol!) you are looking FANTASTIC! OMG how well have you done! Excellent hun, bet you are so proud of yourself xx

Ohhhh soo sweet :) thankyou!!! I feel good and am nearing the final stages...or should i say..the beginning of normal eating!!!! its looming lol

Hope you get the last bit of weight off real soon xxxxx
hiya! how is today going? you look fab in your pic.


Eat to live don't live to eat!
Morning T & Leeds & everyone else, today is going really well although I'm FREEZING! My fingers are stiff with cold but I have loads of computer work to do so can see lots of coffee being consumed today - and the mug being cradled to warm my fingers lol!

Leeds - thanks for the comment about my pic, it was taken on holiday in Bulgaria last september when I was 11 1/2 stone, I am now only 11lbs heavier than that so not long to get back there, and then get skinnier still!

So this morning I had apple & cinnamon porridge mmmm yummy! I always add extra cinnamon as I love it, makes my whole kitchen smell yummy too!

For lunch I have a caramel bar which I am going to break in half, eat half at 12.30 and half at 1.30 (ish) this is so I can prove to myself that I don't have to scoff it straight down, and to check how much I think about it in the hour in-between halves! I want to train myself to think of food as fuel not as something to scoff quickly without thinking, therefore in theory I can enjoy it and taste it iyswim! I want to eat to live not live to eat... There, thats my new motto!

I have lots of distractions today aka WORK! Lots to do, lots to think about and customers to annoy me hehe, it really doesn't help that I work across the road from a bakery and everytime I look up I can see cakes and meringues (my downfall) staring at me - I feel like my willpower has taken a big boost as I can look at them without thinking I NEED TO EAT SOME!!!

Right, enough of the ramblings, I have to do some work before I get sacked hehe!


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