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Hello all - back to calorie counting again!

God, I'm so fed up of this dieting malarky!

I went to see my GP on Friday. I first went about 18 months ago and asked for Reductil or Orlistat as I was so desperate. GP refused to give me them saying the problems with my eating "were up here" (taps side of head) and agreed that I knew what healthy eating was however as I tended to overeat when I wasn't hungry she didn't think Reductil would be any good, and she didn't think Orlistat would be safe for me. She did say she would refer me for some counselling with their in-house counsellor but a couple of days later I got a letter saying they didn't feel that they could help me, and "helpfully" suggested I could try Slimming World or Weight Watchers.

I left the surgery and then joined Lighter Life where I lost 3st 2lbs (yay). Fast forward 18 months later and here I am weighing 9lbs more than I was when I first saw the doctor.

I went to see another doctor in the practice on Friday and asked for tablets again but he didn't want to give me them either! I told him about the counsellor and he said cognitive behaviour therapy was not easy to get on the NHS around here, so I was just basically on my own unless I wanted to pay to see someone privately (which I can't afford - seeing how I spent nearly £1000 on Lighter Life LOL).

He helpfully gave me a book from the British Heart Foundation about "so you want to lose weight...for good!" which is going to be the answer to all my prayers (note sarcastic tone)

I tried Slimming World a few weeks ago - stuck to it to the letter for the first week and lost a pathetic 3lbs. It upset me because all the other new starters were losing 6lbs and 7lbs yet they didn't seem bigger than I was. 2nd week I stayed the same as I had been disheartened the first week. Third week I lost 3lbs as I had basically starved myself (by which I mean three small meals a day, no snacks), then this week I have gained 3.5lbs. So I'm saving myself £5 a week and am packing it in.

GP said I shouldn't weigh myself every week as weight fluctuates and am better weighing in monthly! He thought 3lbs a month was a good target and told me to think of it as 2.5 stone and I should be able to continue eating delicious healthy food and not being hungry. He also said 'little and often' was best rather than the three big meals I think is best. He wants to see me next in August so I'd like to prove he is correct and have lost 17lbs by then.

Anyway I dare not let myself loose on not counting calories so I'm using www.weightlossresources.co.uk to track them.

Date: Sunday 8 Feb.
Weight: 14st 4.2lbs.

Next official weigh in: Sunday 8th March.

But I'll probably have unofficial weigh in's every Sunday....

I'll be sticking around here for a bit so thought I would say hi!
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im calorie counting now too and its great i lost 4 lbs in 1 week and 5 in the next :D x
hey, can I join in:eek: I have been following VLCD for 6 weeks and have gotten to the point I feel I am getting no time to enjoy myself! I love sitting down with my family for a meal and for the past 6 weeks have felt myself get more and more upset! I too have joined WLR how fab is the calorie counting thingy:D

I am still in the zone to lose this weight, but spending £50 and week on me then £100+ on the kids and hubby is just getting too much when I can eat most of what they are just being careful haha

all the best see you around x


wants to get super fit!
Hello! You're in good company here and we're all calorie counting so hopefully we can be of some help (as your practice doesn't seem to offered you much!) Good luck! ;)

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