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Hello all how you doing ? and No chocolate!!!

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Louise you are like me, my first week I lost 3 and the second I lost 5.5 :) I also stopped eating chocolate
but I do miss it, so chocolatey cereal bars as a HexB help!!

You are doing great!!!


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We've had 3 HUGE chocolate bars in the fridge since the Saturday. Hubby has polished off 1 and a half of them and i've had one little square (which i'm quite proud of! lol) Not really missing the chocolate but AM missing the crisps - but am being a good girl and trying not to have them unless i'm desperate for something naughty!
Unfortunately I am missing my chocolate:( Have had curly wurlys, options and the kellogs bars but as yet they're still not hitting the spot. However, I haven't bought any Dairy Milk, Double Deckers, galaxy etc so that's a plus!
I miss chocolate, I use to eat and eat the stuff. I'm trying to cut down and so far it's working, but it is difficult.

But as MLM said, chocolatey cereal bars are amazing - Kellogg's fibre plus bars are divine!!!


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So far getting my chocolate fixes from the Mini Twisters, Choc and Orange Alpen Lights and the occasional Curly Wurly and it's working :)
I also recommend mini milks - they taste so creamy and the chocolate ones certainly give me a chocolate fix (not at all bad at 1.5 syns!) :)


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Ooh..i have just read your post about mini milks and chocolate ones at that, are they really only 1.5 sins...

I have just recently started SW, the other week actually and still checking things out so its great to come on here to see what other people say...I love ice cream, especially chocolate flavoured. :)
Hey all - Nearly had a chocolate button so accidental - friend " would you like a chocolate button " me - I reach my hand out brain triggers to action ... me " oh no thanks " (laugh) "I have not had chocolate for a week" so easy to forget and pick at food tut

Great tips for choc replacements and mini milks I am def going to invest in some of these if i can find them in shop..

Rayven how could u have 3 bars in the fridge they would not last a night with the old me haha xx
They do have to be walls brand mini-milks though, or else they're more syns.


Will be thin god dammit!!


Addicted to Minimins!
Rayven how could u have 3 bars in the fridge they would not last a night with the old me haha xx

Me either - but they were bought last weekend by hubby and i ate so much junk last weekend as it was i didn't want to do any more damage! They were seriously calling me last night though but in the end i opted for a penguin. If i'd have started on the big bars, they'd have been all gone before i even realised it!! Trying to keep em in there as long as possible without caving! Hubby has had 1 and a half of them already though - i don't think they'll get past this weekend without being eaten (hopefully by him!lol)

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