Hello all!


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Hello all!
I'm new here, but not new to dieting! I've been slim and I've been not-so-slim, but weight has always been a struggle for me. I was very successful with Weight Watchers, became a lifetime member in 2003, and was practically addicted to exercise, but then after a bout of thyroid trouble, depression and anti-depressants, I put on a lot of weight (about 50 pounds). I was getting back on track when I got pregnant :eek: ;) and then the weight and thyroid troubles (and the depression!) started again.

I want to get back to a healthy weight so that I can be the best I can be for my little girl and hopefully keep up with her as long as possible. :D

Diets that were successful for me in the past include:
- Somersizing (although I find I ate a lot of meat)
- Weight Watchers

I'm trying to give Slimming World a chance, as I don't want to be constantly journalling (not to knock it, it's a very effective method, but I tend to stop journalling when I get busy). I sometimes get discouraged as SW is probably easier to get into in the UK where the cookbooks and Syns point book is more suited to products overseas...

I've also been reading The Diet Solution by Isabel de los Rios, which is packed with some great information, too.

Well, I hope I can stick with it this time!

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Hi I'm a seasoned dieter too . Any advice I can offer just shout I'm happy to help out x

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