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Hello all :)

Hi I'm Lisa and this is my 4th day of Exante TS! So far so good, first VLCD I've tried and am keeping it quiet as my sister struggled (and didn't continue) with LL and our family weren't terribly supportive - could do without that pressure this early on!

I have just under 6 stones to lose and would like to achieve this in 6 months - do you think that's achievable? Or does it really slow at the end?

Also I'd really welcome some advice - as I'm keeping my efforts on the downlow, there will be occasions where I need to eat (this Saturday being one of them). Will this totally ruin my weeks efforts on TS? Or will keeping it low carb mean I'll be ok?

Thanks :) xx
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hiya Lisa,
I can only tell you my personal experiences. I did ll and lost 5 stone, after the first 2 weeks big losses my weight loss was pretty steady every week ( around 4 pounds ) and didn't slow down.
Similarly i can only advise from my own point of view, in that every time i eat while on a vlcd, i find it difficult to get back on track especially if i eat during the first week. A night off becomes a day off, then a weekend off then before i know it i've gained a shed load of weight lol. I do hope this doesn't sound very negative or off putting, you probably have more will power than me :) and it really is each to their own honey, but well done for getting to day 4, it's the best diet you'll ever do xxx
Thanks Moonbeams :) 5 stone is incredible! Well done! Xx I don't want to eat on Saturday, especially as it's my first week, but it's my dads birthday and we are going up to London on the train for a family meal so I don't feel like I can dodge this one - am planning to go for the meat and salad option and eat nothing else, not even Exante prods, all day to limit the damage. Feeling very motivated so fingers crossed!

How are you maintaining your weight loss? Xx
Lol. I'm not! I put it all back on over a space of 3 years, but had good fun doing it :). Until I reached the point where I was totally grossed out with myself, which isn't any fun. So I'm now doing exante. Lost 15 in the first week and 6 on the second. Im feeling in the swing of the diet now and I'm hoping to lose 3 stone by Xmas.
It sounds like you've got your head round things honey and i think planning ahead is half the battle if you're going to eat x

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