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hello am a newbie

hello everyone,
i have started GI diet last week and am really liking it alot, i have alot of weight to lose....
just want all ur support and guidance , all of u have lost so much weight its really motivationg to see all of u here.
just a question since i started my diet i weighed my self on tuesday ,and i shud do it tomorow but i did it on friday and it showed my 1 kg gain, i was quite gutted...but then i read somewhere that on the first week u gain some weight then u lose it ..is it correct? am dyeing to weigh myself tomorow. will let u guys know. thanx in advance
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irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Don't stress too much about the scales! Weigh yourself one day a week in the morning time. Your weight will fluctuate during the day, never mind the week.
Stick with the programme. Drink plenty of water. Try and take about three litres a day. 80% of the time you feel hungry it is actually water that your body is looking for.
I find it most important to watch portion sizes. Simplest thing to do is to use a smaller plate or weigh things for the first week or two till you get used to seeing the portions. 35g of dry pasta is tiny!!!
Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow!! Even if it is not what you expect, just keep going!!! Hop on here for help.
thanx irish molly, i will remember these things..good thing is that my husband is doing this Diet with me so i dont have to worry about his cooking.
feeling great just by the end of the week, after eating alot of vegs....am feeling very fresh and energetic...
thanx and i'll keep u guys posted

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Well done on a fab result!!!!! 4lbs is a great loss. It is also fab that hubby is on GL too. That way there will be noooooo temptation.
Keep up the good work and lots of luck for the coming week.


Silver Member
Hi Mak

Good luck with the diet and great news on your weight loss.

I am on the Go Lower diet which is low GI as well as low GL and low carb..... what a mouthful and it has put my body into ketosis so I do not feel hungry. Although I do drink much more water now than before I started the diet.

I also have all my food supplied so I don't have to worry about measuring out portions as it is all ready to stick in the microwave, very easy for someone like me who won't cook!

As Irish Molly says, try to only weigh youself once a week and at the same time as those mid week weigh ins can fluctuate.

Keep up the good work.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Suzy, sounds like the Go Lower is going well for you, you have lost loads. Have you lost all your weight on that diet? How do you manage when you are going out, do you take a meal with you???
thanx suzi, yeah u r right after 8 days now i dont feel hunger anymore, and i didnt take any snacks in between yesterday and today, and after dinner i feel quite fuller. i do wii fit occasionally and i check my weight over there...yup i'll try not to peak for my weight during week.:) u have lost alot of weight thats really good


Silver Member

Yes all my weight has been lost thanks to Go Lower. When I go out for a meal I normally choose a chicken dish and some veg and maybe a prawn cocktail to start.

That is pretty much what I would order before my diet except I would have bread with my starter and chips with the main and of course the biggest chocolate dessert going, now I just skip dessert and don't even miss it.

Go Lower do supply a list of foods that are ideal when you are in different restaurants but as I am so fussy about food I just tend to stick to chicken.

Glad to hear you are going to try to stick to weekely weigh ins.

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