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Hello! And a question re the headaches, please!


Goat herder(ess)
Hello, everyone! :)

I'm a newbie, so I hope you don't mind me jumping in like this. I discovered this form yesterday and have learnt loads of great info and some new recipes to try for the Dukan. You also seem like a very friendly bunch!

There's something worrying me, though, and I wonder if anyone of you could please help answer my question?

Having read the "Headache" thread, I can see that I'm not the only one who suffered really bad headaches during the first 3 days of the Attack Phase. I understand now (thanks for the info!) that this was probably due to entering ketosis.

I'm getting worried that this awful headache will come back during each protein only day during Consolidation or during maintenance when the diet is over. On my first Attack day, the headache appeared not long after lunchtime, so I'm dreading having to face the same thing once a week for the rest of my life! :cry:

Please can anyone advise me whether this is likely to happen? Has anyone who is doing Consolidation experienced these headaches on the protein only days?

Thanks ever so much for any help you can give. :)
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Hi and welcome.

I had a random migraine (possibly on a PP day, can't remember) but I don't think it was down to protein only (or I'd have had a lot more before and since).

I wouldn't worry, they shouldn't come back. If they do, drink more!
ive not had a bad one due to dukan since the beginning i do get them TOTM but make sure i drink loads


Goat herder(ess)
Thanks, ladies! I'll keep my fingers crossed, then, as it's sounding more hopeful than I'd feared. :)

scrumper - Me, too. In fact, I started my Attack Phase during the worst part of my TOTM - now I know why that's not recommended! (Feeling crap AND severe chocolate cravings.) But this lasted longer than my TOTM migraines, unfortunately. :cry:

I always drink plenty of water, but will definitely take your advice to up the amount if I get any more. :)

Looking forward to trying out the galette muffin recipe next. The chocolate crèmes in the book are gorgeous, but I'm starting to get a bit sick of them now. (Got another 8 of them in the freezer!)
Hi and welcome :D Are you cruising along nicely now?
I doubt you will get ketosis headaches on your pp days your body was just probably having a shock to the low carbs xxx
also its worth remembering that weve probably spent years putting rubbish in our bodies and a bit like when you give up cafine are bodies need to rid of toxins ect and headaches will be apart of it


Goat herder(ess)
Thanks again, ladies. (BTW, how do I do the forum thanking thing, please? Is it by clicking on the little "reputation" icon?)

Yes, I am, Vicky. I'm getting a bit sick of the fromage frais and chive dressing/sauce that I've been eating a lot recently, though. In fact, I think I might just throw up if I see another blummin' chive! :eek:

I'm so sick of carrying this extra weight as I was pretty slim until I let things get out of control about a year and a half ago. Looking forward to wearing all my slinky clothes again! ;)

Just seen the info under your avatar and you've done brilliantly well! You're all giving me loads of inspiration, thanks! :)


** Chief WITCH **
hi there - can I ask how tall you are? your target weight looks awfully low...
What a lovely welcome, thanks! :)

Maintainer - I'm only 5' 2" with a very small-boned frame, so at 8st 1lb I'm slim but not skinny. To illustrate what I mean, when I was in my early 20's I weighed 6st 10lb and was thin yet still curvy (34, 21, 34.5) - got loads of compliments, but there's no way I'd want to be that weight now at my age (44)! :eek:

My sister is only 1" taller than me, but not small-boned - so she looks great at 9st, lucky thing.

At 8st 1lb, I'd be aiming to get my figure back to around 34, 26/7, 35.

So don't worry, no chance of me becoming skeletal - I love my food way too much for that! :D
Maintainer - Sorry to keep off-topic, but just wanted to say how lucky you are to live in France! I lived there, too, for a couple of years, but that was about 16 years ago. I still miss it like crazy. Don't blame you for wanting to stay there. :cry:
. (BTW, how do I do the forum thanking thing, please? Is it by clicking on the little "reputation" icon?)
i think you need to have so many posts but there is a thanks button on the right bottom next to quote. Feel free to add rep though ;)
I used to add some curry powder into my from frais to have like a curry dukan mayo??????
oh im soooo jealous. I wonder if we can get xfactor australia over here??? yum yum yum
Vicky - Aha! I wondered whether that might be the problem as I can't see the thanking button yet. I better get posting, eh! :D

Vickki - Blimey! I don't think my ticker must be displaying properly as it's supposed to be a row of cats with a set of scales as the marker. How does it look to you and everyone else? :eek:

Hate to confess this, but I'm not a Boyzone fan at all. I like my music loud and preferably shouty! :eek::D
omg.... you saying you like people to shout AND sing out of tune??? Sounds like me drunk on a karoake!

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