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hello anyone there


I'm a raver baby!
Oh ok, you starting SW? Have you joined a class? Well I seem to have eaten a lot today but I have managed to stick to the plan 100% so it should all be ok. Had a flexisyns day last week, up to 20 syns cos I went out for dinner and then a spontaneous night out yesterday put me at 19 syns for the day. Gonna be extra good tomorrow and Tuesday cos Tuesday is WI day for me!


I'm a raver baby!
No I haven't heard of it actually, what's the basic idea behind it? Thanks a lot, I know, I can't wait to get my 1 stone sticker but this week is TOTM so I think I'll get it in next week instead. Do you have a lot to lose in total?
im about 12 an half stone so i wud like 2 lose bout 2 an half stone.wot bout u?oh diet chef is a low gi diet an it gets delivered to your door.its 50 quid a week an u get ready meals an all u have 2 do is add fruit an veg.its based on bout 1200 calories a day.


I'm a raver baby!
Cool, sounds convenient but kind of pricey! I love SW, it's so flexible and the free food idea is brilliant. Plus you can still have 5 to 15 syns a day so you never have to feel deprived. Whatever works for you is the best way though. :) I am looking to lose about 5 stone in total so I have a way to go yet!


I'm a raver baby!
Hiya, Well I had my WI today and I lost another 4 pounds which means I got my 1 stone sticker and I've lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks - I'm so happy! I do have a confession though, I didn't eat lunch today and by the time I got home I was so hungry I ended up eating FAR too many syns... NOT GOOD! Thing is, I've read that a lot of people have a treat meal like a Chinese or fish and chips after their WI's so if that doesn't affect them, I'm hoping my evening of weakness doesn't affect me too much for next week. I am however, completely determined and motivated to get right back on track as of now. My Mum also won Slimmer of the Week tonight, she lost 4 and a half pounds so I'm really proud of her. How are you getting on? x
i m here as well lol
i m good ta went back to class tonight after a few weeks feeling a bit more inspired now. Last day of my holidays from work tho:cry: so back to work tomorrow.

Hows you?
i work for the scottish society for autism i love my job but its just the getting up early again and notbeing able to what i want when i want lol

Dont feel like i had a holiday spent half of it in my bed and the other half at a funeral and cleaning. Then got stuck at my b/f mums cos of snow

Debs x

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