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hello .. been lurking a while, but have decided to start posting XX

my name is dominique, 42 yrs young .. have around 5-6 stones to lose - have 2 kids 12 yrs and almost 1 and embarrasingly im now heavier than i was when he was born (prematurely) at 33 weeks!
im about to return to my part time job as a health care worker .. dreading it - not because i hate my job, but because people will see im so much bigger than when i left to go on maternity leave !!
whilst i was on maternity leave i decided i needed to work towards a better work/life balance so retrained in nails and am currently working my way through my case studies to qualify as an eyelash tech - however, i feel my weight is holding me back from putting myself out there, in fact i feel i have reached a point in my life where i really need to make some big changes in many areas of my life .. not least losing weight - so here i am, have been lurking for a while, will set the date for the journey to the 'new me' 16th aug - would start today, but im doing a pamper evening tonight and theyve stuck me next to the cupcake lady, lol
im joining slimming world next thursday and will work on my other goals and targets over the weekend .. i think a blog is needed, so if anyone would kindly point me in the right direction that would be great XX
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Hi and welcome to the forum, wish you lots of luck in loosing the weight, this is a great place to ask for advice,have a moan or even admit when you have been naughty and had a few to many syns ;o)... Have a fab time tonight and try to ignore the cup cake lady.....xx
Hi Dominique,

Nice to 'meet' you :)

You're definitely in the right place for help and support. I've been lurking for a while too and decided to start chatting recently!
I'm tempted to start a diary as well. Just go to the threads and start a new diary, you'll soon have people commenting and offering support in no time! :) including me :)

Hope you have fun at the pamper evening,
thanks x

thanks guys, really appreciate the warm welcome .. i think the thing that made me realise i really need to get this weight problem sorted is when my daughter tried to take photos of me and my baby to put on facebook and i freaked out! i felt terrible afterwarsds, and it suddenly dawned on me i have no photos of me and little one together.. well im going to be brave today (new me) and try and upload webcam one to my avatar .. im not very techy so may take me a while yet lol XX
avatar problem

dont seem to be able to uploa avatar, do i have to have made so many posts before system will allow me (im not chickening out, honest! lol)
Hi there D'lashes

nice to meet you - I am quite new on here too - but don't worry everyone is really helpful and full of tips to help you get back on track - I think that you have to make 50 posts before you can add an avatar.

good luck Xxx
I had to post 20 times before I could upload a piccy (and it's 50 before you can view profiles etc), bit annoying but it's to stop spammers and that kinda thing so I understand :)

Good luck with everything, looking forward to reading your diary

so sorry I just double checked it - its 20 posts - there is a thread in the Introduction section that has a whole guide on how you get to have extra sig space and an avatar etc.