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Hello, Can i join you?

Hello everyone

My names Nic, I've lurked on here for quite a few years and have posted a couple of times before. I read the threads everyday, and they are so comforting and inspiring, its good to know that I'm not alone doing this crazy diet!

Its my 4th day of my umpteenth restart, I'm seeing my CDC this evening for my weekly wi (I was supposed to start last Friday, but kept putting it off! :eek:) so I know my first weeks loss wont be massive, but next weeks might be better.

I'm doing ok - head feels a bit fuzzy at times, but I'm glugging my water like anything.

I just wish that the chatterbox in my head would shut it's gob!

Last night I was so close to giving up, I had a bit of a headache, and I could smell my parents dinner. This little voice kept saying to me " do you really need to do CD, why not go on SW" "youre not going to be able to stick with this, why bother, jsut eat healthy and the weight will come off" All these thougts were running round and round my head.

Why does this happen, I'm so determined to do this, yet my brain seems to want to sabotage me at every turn!

Happy to say i didnt give in to the voices, but it really was touch and go for a while. I'm 14st.9 - and want to loose about 3 stone on CD and then look at working up the plans or starting SW.

I really want to do this, its the quickest way to get to where I want to be, and I'm going to make a big effort to post on here more and not just read the threads.

I have the full support of my family and friends on this diet, which is great, but its just not the same, they arent doing it, so half the time they cant really connect with how you feel, its not an easy diet and if we can all support each other then we'll all get there together in the end.

Anyway, I'll shut up now, but I look forward to getting to know you all better in the coming weeks

Nic x
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Lisa D

Full Member
Welcome back to CD, i'm sure you'll do really well. Good luck!
Its my 2nd restart, i started on monday so also on day 4, and its been good for me so far. I've not craved food or thought about food. Last time I was on it I had to talk myself out of buying food or eating but this time no conversations like that have been going on in my head :)

I'm just going to stay positive, stay busy and get to my goal!
A little trick I do if I get hungry or start thinking "is this worth it" ... sit down and lift up my top and look at my jelly belly ... that just makes me think twice before I give up!
Its only a little time in your life that you have to give food up for to get the body you want! I see it as 10 weeks of my life and the rest with a sexy bod!

Good luck and stay strong :)
Hiya Nic :)

Ooo your a lurker too hehe!! Hiding in the shadows lol. I am sure you will get that weight off in no time hun. Stick with it and dont listen to them little demons in your head. Good luck <3 xxx
Hi Nic welcome back im on restart too, day 4 too feeling a bit fuzzy today but I am going to have my porridge now hopefully that will work.

Good luck for weigh in xx
Hi Nic,
another restarter here! 3rd time lucky for me. (Day 3 today)
I know what you mean about the voices, you just need to make sure that the voice that says "I'm gonna be in a bikini this summer!" is louder than the rest! Lol

Good luck hun
Thanks for your replies, its so nice to have people to talk to about this who actually understand!

Am off to get weighed shortly, wish me luck. I'll let you know how I get on later tonight

discojen - I am going to be in a bikini - 10 weeks from now!:eek: If thats not an incentive to keep going then I dont know what is!
Hello all

Just a quick update, had my WI and lost 6 lbs :happy036:

So so pleased, as I'm only 4 days into it so wasnt expecting much.

Thanks for all of your messages, you guys are a my inspiration, I love reading your posts and your losses are fab.

good luck to anyone who is weighing in tonight

Fabulous! Well done you!


Silver Member
Well done. That is a brilliant loss - you are on your way.

Hello all

Hope you've had a good day, mines be OK so far, 2 packs down and plenty of water

I feel and look really bloated today, and I'm very windy :eek:

Has anyone else experienced this, do you think its the packs?

Nic x

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