Hello Everyone, 2nd week


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Hi all,

I started Soul Source last week. First week was easy. This week, i am struggling.

I lost 7.5 pounds last week. Was really chuffed! i am sooo hungry tho. I keep drinking water! loads of it.

Was thinking of having a little chicken and brocolli tomorrow night. Maybe as a 1 off a week. What do you guys think? how much will 1 chicken/brocolli slow down the loss?

I am getting married in May and would like to lose as much as possible but i really want something.
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Hi Burgerbun,
I too am at the end of my second week on SS. Have actually found this week much easier than last week- though I am hungry and miss food hugely!

Have you considered doing SS+? You can have one small meal each day from the list in the book plus 3 shakes. I have discussed with my CDC doing SS+ at the weekends, just to make life more bearable really. She says it shouldn't have any effect on losses as will still be in ketosis as long as I stick to the allowed foods.

Might help you if you are struggling with SS.


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Hi girls, I understand it can be hard, but you need to ask yourself how much do you REALLY want to lose weight. If the answer is more than you want to eat that food then you'll get there.

My advice in regards the 1 meal a week thing, is that once you have eaten that meal it probably won't be enough, you'll start on a slippery slope of picking and snacking.

I also believe that alot of hunger is psychological, it's not always that you're hungry, just that you fancy something. Keep strong and resist temptation.

Set yourself a mini goal and whenyou get there, allow yourself a treat. But not a huge blowout, just a small low carb meal, that you know you will enjoy.

Hope this helps, you're not alone there are loads of people who are in the same predicament.



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when i have days which are bad i always have chicken and some lettuce or a cottage cheese salad. its better than feeling hungry all dday. i ate every night last week and lost 3lbs so if you ss+ it should not affect your losses. if you need to have it i would go ahead as this diet is hard and you need to be felxible.

listen to Trim though and make sure you weigh the chicken and do not eat crap!


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hi burgerbun, well done on your loss last week well done you! Some days are good and hard on SS but try and stick with it for the best results but if it is too much maybe as everyone else has said try SS+, i'm just starting SS+ now after 9 wks and i'm glad i perservered with SS as watching the weigh fall off so quickly really kept me going.
Good luck with whatever you decide and good luck with your 2nd week!



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Thank you :) i keep telling myself '4 more days and i can have the bars. At least i will be able to chew something! i used the muffin recipe lastnight..yum yum.

I have decided to stick with the ss and not eat this weekend. I have a holiday coming up in 4 weeks. Am gonna stick with it. I figure, having that 1 meal a week would average about a stone (if not more) i could have lost by may right?

Luckily i live with my fiance who is very supportive. We want to start a family sometime next year and its a BIG reason to do this. Problem is my family is not encouraging me at all. I told my bro i was hungry yesterday...his reply was 'nothing stopping you, only yourself'
felt like rubbish.

Weigh in on Tuesday so almost half way!


Trying to stay healthy!
well done for being so strong, don't listen to anyone else, you are doing this for you and it'll be sooo worth it. Glad you have a supportive OH too that helps so much.
Good luck with WI Tuesday!


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well done so far, sometimes i will mix the plan having a salad one day and ss the other but try to keep to the plan as i can x