Hello everyone, I'm back.

I will be picking up my new supply of Lipotrim from the doctors tomorrow. I was realy pleased with my last results, had 5 days away, put a bit on but managed to lose it when we came home. I've been managing to maintain my weight over the past few weeks. I have decided to have another go with Lipotrim, I was going to go on to the Cambridge - I think it seems more flexible - but ... I did well with Lipotrim even though it was hard, so I've decided to have another go.
I want/need to lose another stone.
I found you all so encouraging and supportive before, thanks,especially when the going was tough and blimey some times doesn't it get tough !
So folks, a new day again tomorrow.
Talk to you all soon
Hiya GG

Welcome back and good luck

Hi Anne-Marie,

Well done you and welcome back and if you need any help be sure to give one of us a shout!!!

I can feel your energy bounce of the page, it is lovely to see you in such good form.

Wishing you more success on your weight loss journey.

Love Mini xxx
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Welcome back Anne-Marie

You know you can do it.

Mantra, "I must, I can and I will sole source". "I must, I can and I will sole source".

I'm saying it as I sit here, day 3 and its getting better.

Marylyn xx