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Hello Everyone, I've 9 1/2stone to lose (long)!


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I've not been on this forum long and i'm glad i found this one. I've 9 1/2stone to lose and I'm taking it in baby steps. I was slim (size 10/12) until me and the hubby got engaged 9yr ago and the weight crept on. I feel like I've wasted 95% of my 20's being huge. And my hubbys never had a lovely slim wife and I feel sorry for him.We have a liitle boy who's 1 1/2yrs old and I dont want him to remember me, being fat I want him to have a slim healthy mum and to always know me as that and not know any different.

I just think its scary how much hold and influence food can have over your life and I've had enough of it. I'm tired of my day being dictated by food and of eating a meal and thinking already of what the next meal will be. And going out, but just thinking about what food will be available there. Its pathetic I know :sigh:. This weight has stopped me from doing so much. Motorbike season has started and my hubbys started going out on his bike again and I feel jealous of him and give him the silent treatment abit and act moody around him because I want to be out there with him but I physically cant, it wouldnt be safe. I feel annoyed because hes out having fun and I cant go. I feel bad at doing this to him but I cant help it :(. My lovely little boy wants me to play but I cant kneel down for long as I have dodgy knees (I'm 29 for crying out loud), which will be better once I've lost this weight. Getting up and down with him and chasing him around just leaves me knackered. I get worn out walking upstairs, I have to sit down for a minute.

I dont know how I got here but I know I dont want to stay here anymore and when I look and at what I've just written I cant believe I let myself stay here so long.

Not anymore! I have started slimming world and I am determind to acheive my target and maintain it.
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Hi jodidi,

You sound like your very determined and focused so i'm sure you will win the race !!!

I also have a lot to lose and for similar reasons to you.

I'm rooting for you.
Good Luck
Hi jodidi! I am on the all about w8 diet as I have about 9 stone to go to reach my goal too. You can do it if your determined and serious enough as it sounds like you are! I lost most of my 20's to my weight too, and have a really dodgy knee which gets a lot worse with the excess weight, so i know the feeling! Good luck! keep it up x
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Thanks everyone :) I have done alot of thinking about how and why I react to things with food. I've also thought up alot and I mean alot of reason why I have and need to lose this weight and this is helping me stay focused.

I lost most of my 20's to my weight too, and have a really dodgy knee which gets a lot worse with the excess weight x
I've dislocated both my knees while kneeling down and I missed the last step and fell off the stairs onto my right knee a couple of months ago and its been giving me jip ever since. I know that if I wasnt this weight I wouldnt of dislocated my knees and falling onto my knee wouldnt of bothered me.I just hope I'm not too old to wear the clothes I've longed to wear in my 20's when I get this weight off, lol.:D

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