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Hello everyone - new joiner here!

Hi all!

Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm 41 years old and have put on a lot of weight in the last three years because I've been stuck at home with M.E. I'm much better at living with the condition now, and have finally got to a point where I feel I can exert some control over what I eat!

I started SF on the 7th this month, and am not exactly doing things the SF way. I did start off following it religiously, because I thought it would be useful to train myself to eat in a very structured way (and it was useful), but because I am often not very active and can't exercise, I need fewer calories than an active person would, so I've had to tweak it a bit.

What I do now is:

  • One SF shake in the morning - half when I get up, and the other half about two hours later.
  • A snack of about 100-200 cals at lunchtime, usually something like a pack of Matteson's Fridge Raiders (how brilliant are these? Lifesavers!) and maybe a tiny pot of Petits Filous (50 cals, and very tasty!); or some soup or some baked beans.
  • Another snack of about 100 cals - as above.
  • Dinner: HUUUUUUUUUGE pile of veg, with a little protein - I try to bring this in at about the 500 cals mark.

This is working for me. After the first couple of days on SF my weight stalled and I stopped losing for about five days, which is what made me realise the total calories were too many for my lifestyle and limitations! After changing to the above method I find I'm losing consistently, and I'm much happier.

I tried doing a weekly weigh-in, but I'm just too impatient, so I weigh myself every morning!
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Helloooooo Princess Pow and welcome to our lil gang!!! :D Good for you - finding a diet regime that works, that's the most important thing, finding something you are comfortable with and you can stick to;) When is your Weigh in day?
I weigh myself every day! I know it seems daft, but if I don't, I get disheartened, whereas if I do (and haven't lost any), I get all fired up and strict!

Mind you, I am permanently strict - just had enough of not feeling like "me"!
Sounds like you know what works for you, well done! ;) I might weigh myself 2 or 3 times a week, as then at least I'll know that if it goes up one day, it's ok as long as it comes back down again!
Hi Princess pow, welcome to minimins
wow 12 days in and already what a great loss! sounds like your doing pretty darn good.
so have you got any little goals,
my first one is to get to 13stone,
feels like its taking for everrrr:sigh:
Thanks for the hello, everyone!

Kim, I don't really have any short term goals - I mean I think I'll celebrate every time I crack a half stone, because that always feels like a marker, doesn't it? But the goal really is to get down to about 11 stone and then take a long, hard look at myself and decide what I want to do!

Really, the point of this for me is to help myself be healthier, but I'm not going to pretend I don't look at all my size 12 clothes and want to get back in them...
Hi Princess, celebrating half a stone is a great target, I'm happy with a pound off!! :D I wish you the best of luck and keep us updated!

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