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hello everyone second day!

I have been reading your posts in silence for long time,and at the end after having the pills in my drawer for 2 months (always there was a excuse to postpone it) yesterday i had my first pill, i was at the office and was so scared of any side effect but luckly so far is being good, just maybe feeling a bit bloated but not sure is due to xenical or just bcoz sometimes it happens to me.
I am bit confuse regarding if I can cook food or put on salads some oil, I understand that the 5 grs. rule and I do use sometimes the fry light spray but it is not same!
also I like to eat pasta with some grated parmesan cheese which is around 20 grs. of fat per 100 but if i just use 10 grms means i am eating only 2 grms of fat is it right? can i use it?
last question
if you eat something out of the rules after how long time is supposed you will suffer side effects
I mean, is it inmediate after the meal? or after some hours? and if one day you want to eat whatever u wish for how long before you should not to take the pill to avoid side effects
thanks for your help
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Hi Nat's. for me when i did get the side effects they happened the day after i had broken the rules. no oil on salads as far as i know, could be wrong but i wouldnt imagine! as for the pasta and parmesan cheese if you cut it in half you would still be eating 10grams. theres a website www.mapassist.co.uk that will also answer your questions.

welcome to the forum! if you put your all into sticking within the rules, we'll all support you :) good luck on your journey!!
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Hi and welcome, glad you decided to take your tablets. Unfortunately it doesn't matter how little of something you eat. If a food has more than 5g fat per 100g then we can't have it :(

Good Luck xx


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Hi Nat te lurker he he :)

are you sure you understand the rules? any food or drink over 5gs per 100g is not within the rules..it doesnt matter how little the amount to be used,its out.

that includes that cheese, anything over 5gs is no!

i wouldnt worry about side effects..you will only get the side effects if you eat out of the xenical rules.

salad dressing can be a tricky thing, because of oils however there are some things you could put on it thats ok, island dressing is one (im sure someone here had that recently)

fry light do different flavours,have you seen them?

side effects, well everyone is different, some people are running to the toilet quite qucikly,others a bit later,our bodies are not alike so that we dont know, if you dont want the side effects then i suggest you eat within the rules (you can eat alot more than what you think)

the tablets are in your system for roughly 72 hours so if you want to stop them for a party etc then you have to do it way before to avoid the side effects.

i hope ive answered everything well for you. i suggest you read back through some of the old threads,thers lots of hidden gems and tips there.

good luck


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