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Hello Everyone!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by GymClassHero, 20 December 2009 Social URL.

  1. GymClassHero

    GymClassHero Silver Member

    Hello all!

    Well, ive been absent for a few months as ive had so much going on in my life with being made redundant. I'm now having to take my ex employer to a Tribunal for my redundancy pay as they are refusing to pay me :mad:

    I had to quit class due to not having enough spare cash to pay each week but i start a new job on 4th January so i'm going to get back to class the week after.

    I've basically not been following plan as such - its hard without the support of group and not having time to come on here but all things considered i have only put on 3 lbs since stopping SW AND going on holiday and eating curry everyday! :p

    So, im back now and would really appreciate everyones support until i can make it back to class in the new year. I'll be bugging everyone with syn values as i dont have access to lifeline online until i re-join class so apologies in advance.

    Hope everyone is doing well with their weightloss and hello to all new people that i have not spoken with before :D

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  3. charlottegrace1

    charlottegrace1 Gold Member

    Hellllooo good to have you back with us again. Sorry you have had a bad time of it but sounds like things are picking up in the new year with your job, congratulations. Its rotten having to go to tribunal to get your money, they may pay up before it gets that far, fingers crossed. Looking forward to seeing you post again hun, so take care and once again welcome back. xx
  4. Chicky Noops

    Chicky Noops Full Member

    Good luck! Is that correct, you've lost 101lbs?! Amazing!
  5. GymClassHero

    GymClassHero Silver Member

    Yep - its sure is! Not all on SW though, i lost the majority on Atkins, got down to 10 stone 4 then maintained for nearly 5 years but put some back on when i quit smoking :rolleyes:

    Im doing SW to get that last stone and a bit off to take me back to 10 st 4lbs :)
  6. Brightonrosie

    Brightonrosie I want to be fitter again

    Hello stranger and welcome back Congratulations for only putting on 3 lbs that is brilliant. it just shows that most of the time we can incorporate the SW plan into our daily lives regardless of how much flack life throws at us. Hope 2010 proves to be better for you xx
  7. debbywebby1970

    debbywebby1970 Silver Member

    welcome back......................
  8. Cougar

    Cougar Full Member

    Welcome back! Wow, that's fantastic that you only put on 3 lbs while you were away! You obviously did better than you probably think! Good luck with being back on track and as far as questions, ask away :D
  9. Daisyboo

    Daisyboo Full Member

    Welcome back! Sorry you have had such a crappy time of it - I hope 2010 is a better year for you and you can start getting things back on track. In the meantime 3lb gain is AMAZING! well done you! :)
  10. GymClassHero

    GymClassHero Silver Member

    Thanks for the positive words folks :cool:
  11. Chicky Noops

    Chicky Noops Full Member

    Fan-bloody-tastic! And I imagine the health benefits from quitting the cigs must counteract (and more) the bit of weight you've gained back. You seem focused to shift it now anyway!
  12. Loopeylou

    Loopeylou Gold Member

    Welcome back, what an amazing achievment to lose 101 lb!! and only gain 3 lbs...wow
    I have no doubt you'll shift those last few lbs easily and look forward to seeing your progress.

  13. HellieCopter

    HellieCopter Gold Member

    Hello you! Welcome back. Glad you're back with us. Sounds like you're having a crappy time of it. I hope your ex-employer gets its arse kicked!

    3lbs...that's hardly anything. You must have been sticking to plan more than you thought. Nice one.

    You'll be back at 10.4 before you know it :)
  14. weemo

    weemo Trying again!!!

    Good to have you back with us and well done on such a teeny gain! Hope 2010 is much better for you, take care, Mary xx
  15. Donnie46

    Donnie46 Slow but sure....

    Hello there, good to have you back in the fold. X

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