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Hello Everyone!!


Has the power of the horn
I am just about to start the Cambridge diet so wanted to say hello to you all! Your stories have really inspired me and I hope that I will soon be able to tell you about losing my first pound! ha ha!!
I am aiming to lose about 8 stone! The battle starts now! ha ha!!
Jen xx
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Hiya welcome and good luck you will soon be dropping those pounds and it feels great!!!!!!
Welcome and good luck on your journey.


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Hi Jen - you have come to the right place for loads of support and advice. Welcome!
Have you started today?


Has the power of the horn
Ah thank you! i will be asking for advice I am sure!! I have just ordered the stuff from the internet! I kept phoning councilers and not getting a reply so read up on it all and am going to try it alone!! Not sure if its a good idea but hopefully I will have your support to help!! :)
I dont know how I will cope without my cups of tea!! lol
Heya hun, Where on the internet did you order it from? I think you can only do cd with having a cdc. Im sure one of them will get back to you soon. Best of luck anyway were all here for advice and support.

becky xxx


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:DHello and welcome:D

Good luck on your CD journey:D Just shout if you need anything.:p

Where on the internet did you buy CD from? It shouldn't be available on the net - only from a CDC....are you sure its the right stuff?

Sorry to be a downer but I wouldn't want you to get ill if its not right.:cry:


Has the power of the horn
Yeah will still go through CDC when they get back to me, i just get so impatient!! when i decide to start something I have to do it then! ha ha! Forgetting obv that I have to wait for delivery! ha ha! it was cambridgedietplan.com I think.


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cambridgeplan.com it was! Is this the correct stuff? :( My impulse always gets me into bother! ! I cant just wait for someone to get back to me!! ha ha


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Hi - I can't advise you about it but I didn't think that they were allowed to ship it out of USA.
I would keep phoning CDC's and if you tell them how keen you are to start I'm sure they will get to you fast.
In the meantime you could start cutting back on the carbs to make the first few days easier when you do start the CD.
Good Luck - keep posting.
Hi - I think thats the American version and its different to what we get in the UK.

There was a thread about this recently - the differences between the two. I will have a look to see if I can find it.....

In the meantime I'm sure a CDC will be along soon.
it is a sticky in the cambrige diet forum page.

Cambridge diet united states the facts....might be worth a read.


Has the power of the horn
Oh I will do thank you!! I am better doing the Uk version, shall give them a call after 5 again incase she is at work or something and cant answer her phone. You are all so nice on here!! thank you!! I cant wait to start it properly!! I think you will all be great for those time you really want a twix!! ha ha!!


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I'm sure you will be able to get through to someone! The CDC want to sell the products so they will be keen to get to you. I'm sure you will be much better doing this the same way as all of us on here!
A day or 2 cutting back on the carbs is still starting on your downward journey don't forget!


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Good luck Jen! If you stick to the diet the 8 stone will fly off. Don't be discouraged if you have any slow weight loss weeks, you always catch up!

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