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Hello Everyone!

Hi Kez welcome

I am doing slimming world excuse my ignorance but I have never heard of Orlistat so Im a bit in the dark about that one. Briefly what is it ?

How did you managed on your first day ? All ok ?
Ive recently re started SW classes I did get to my target left and put a bit back on so Im back on the SW plan.

have a good weekend

Hi Kez and welcome :) I was on Xenical ( Orlistat) for a year and had a good weight loss, doing Rosemary Conley now :)
Good luck on your weight loss journey :)

Robyn, Orlistat is a tablet that is taken with every main meal, it stops the absorption of up to 30% of the fat in your diet. You must stick to a low fat diet while on them, as the consequences of eating too much fat, or too high a percentage of fat is rather awful ( think oily orange stools :(). Its not for everyone, but it really helped me change my lifestyle :)
Thanks Ali for the info I felt a bit daft not knowing so I had to ask rather than pretend I knew.

I also did RC years ago I did enjoy the classes etc especially the exercise session at the end I always thought that to be a brilliant idea. Do they still do the exercise session at the end of classes ?

Im stuck in the house waiting for a repair man today hence all the questions & posts :)
Thank you all! Sorry for not explaining properly. I think the is the last straw for me without some form of surgery as I just can't seem to shift it, but now i am a bit more motivated and have actually taken the step to find support, I am sure I am moving in the right direction!
I have tried weightwatchers and slimming world, but was getting no where as I always just gave in to temptation.
With these tablets, I know I must stick to "being good" or else suffer the consequences, which means I have the motivation to hopefully stick to it!
Day 3 now and doing well so far I think.... just keep feeling a little peckish now and again, but instead of eating, I have been making a cup of tea or a glass of water and it seems to do the trick.
Thanks all for your kind welcome!
Skooby x
Hello Kez and welcome to the minimins board.
Hi and welcome to minimins.
I Have tried orlistat in the past. It did help with weight loss but played havoc with my IBS so now I am on the list for WLS.
Good luck

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