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Hello from a confused computer phobic

Hello Everyone well I must confess to being completely confused by the site as dont usually use computers but hope in time I can get the hang of all this.
I'm starting myself on the Cambridge Diet tomorrow and looking to find the real me and be in a bikini for the summer hols.
Just want to wish you all a good journey along the road to success and look forward to many happy hours of advice and support over the coming weeks.:)
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...we're sinking deeper.
Ooh good luck on CD! You really don't have far to go at all, are you doing 3 packs plus a meal plan? :)
Are you doing any exercise to help yourself along a little? ;)
Hi BB and welcome to minimins.
Hiya thanks for the reply, for a moment had to figure out how to find my messages but its coming together slowly. I'm having the 3 packs and then the food allowance to start off with and see how it goes. I did Lighter Life and lost a load of weight last year but unfortunately when i went on holiday had to go straight into eating (due to food packs containing Milk products my packs were not allowed in) and so I have put a stone back on in the year. Yes I have also started a fitness regime with a trainer at the gym to make sure i go as not a big gym fan but its mainly toning exercises with a little cardio thrown in. So I'm hoping to have a decent figure at the end, as did not bother last time with the excercise all good intentions but never got there. The diet itself is very close to being the same as Lighter Life and thats why I chose it, also its cheaper for me, so any money save will go towards a new wardrobe. Yippee!!!!

Good luck at your next weigh in and congratulations on what you have already lost. Have you found it easy to follow with the food? I'm a little worried that I might be tempted to try something else with the chicken and veg.

Thanks again for your encouragement.

Jim wow thats fantastic weight loss. "No mountain is ever to high not to reach the summit if you want to"
Well you had a good teacher if I may say so and at least on a computer you dont have to worry about having a ruler to write with LOL. You can always tell when looking at the handwritten word of pen and paper.
How have you found doing the Atkins diet especially with all the bad publicity it received?
Well day 1 is now over and so far very good. I have found the food to be okay and the Porridge was a little different to what I was expecting but edible, so off to a good start.
Hope to have many hours chatting to everyone and also learning about the system, but at least I have managed to find my messages so that helps.
Keep up the good work and congratulations on your weight loss, mine in comparission is a lot smaller but at least I know that anything is possible.

All the best
Hello Irene and thank you for your message of support. As you can see I have found my messages and need to work out now where I went wrong with my ticker as set one up last night but its not showing. Congratulations on your weight loss with weight watchers. I dd try it like so many other diets but I found it too restricting when it came to family cooking (boys were young at the time and working full time myself just couldn't seem to get it right). Will have another go at the dreaded ticker-factory ansd see if I can get it to work out again hopefully it wont be as painful as the gym still aching from the exercise yesterday.
Thanks again for your support and offer of advice.


...we're sinking deeper.
Have you found it easy to follow with the food? I'm a little worried that I might be tempted to try something else with the chicken and veg.
To be honest treat the food you're allowed as sort of a "food pack". That is what you're allowed, and nothing else... Stick to the recommended portions and stay well within your boundaries... As long as I have that clear in my mind, I have no temptation what so ever to reach for anything else.
I wrote out everything I'm allowed, plus portion sizes in grams and stuck it on the kitchen wall! :D It helps.

Jim wow thats fantastic weight loss. "No mountain is ever to high not to reach the summit if you want to"
Thank You.

You can always find your messages and responses by clicking on User CP at the top left love.
Hi I have been on nights so just read your message thanks for the advice. Will do my best this week as fell off the wagon a little on nights but starting again as of now. You look great in your photos by the way and you should be really proud of yourself. Hope I look just as good when I have lost some of my weight. I'm sure you will be fabulous at target _new wardrobe all round.
All the best
Ruth aka Bikinibelle
Yes I can see nights would be a problem Ruth, really mucks about with you metabolism doesn't it.
Yes it was very difficult and talking to my counsellor today it appears that I didn't eat all my meals as planned so thats why I fell off the wagon. Counted my food packs and realised that I had stuffed up as too many left over. Also cooking for everyone led to me weakening but now re-focussed and not doing nightsd for another month so will be ok as have learnt my lesson the hard way. Will plan for the nights better.
Hope your ok, seems strange to see that you lost a whole one of me in weight. It must be such a different feeling now I guess its hard to ever think of yourself as being overweight. Thanks for you support Jim.
LOL, seems strange to me that I lost half of me Ruth. :D good luck, I'm sure you'll hack it love.

Where are you in Kent? I lived in Folkestone when I was much younger, and used to have a summer holiday job at Batchelor's in Ashford.

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